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As someone who is deeply grounded in spirituality and yet having a background in science, I am always interested in learning new theories about the Source of Life and universal laws that govern our existence. Interestingly enough, there is a very fine line now between discoveries of Quantum Physics and some spiritual and mystical teachings. In the video below, Amit Goswami, a Quantum Physicist, talks about diversities of Life, nature of Creativity and qualities of consciousness…

He states that the activities in Life are not closed, only possibilities can be ascertained. When possibilities become actualities, what force is at work? Universal Consciousness!

The ground of all being is Consciousness itself”. It’s a new paradigm and a spiritual concept within a scientific frame. Fascinating! Thus, a new paradigm perceives consciousness as a ground of All Being – matter, mind, etc. This approach gives us a revolutionary way of looking at our world, where Creativity (Creating your own destiny, for example) becomes possible.

As per Dr. Goswami, when possibilities collapse into actualities, Consciousness has a new beginning or a possibility of a new beginning. At this Creative Moment we have a Possibility of Choosing a New Beginning. There are various theories in a field of psychology and physiology that assume and postulate that we, by nature, are conditioned Not to Change. Although there may exist Mind conditioning that resist changes in Life, experiences show that we Can Change when there is a Creativity and a Free Will to overcome the conditioning (resistance to change), to conquer “stay in a stagnant frame of mind” mindset. We all have a capacity to come out of this “coma state of life” and begin Creating Life!

Human beings experience Creativity in various forms – cooking, composing music, making scientific discoveries, writing, painting, etc. During these creative time we discover a lot about our inner world, which is as infinite, rich, and diverse as our outer world. On a surface, there is a lot of chaos in our lives… and the nature of Creativity brings a restoration of order. Isn’t it amazing in its simplicity and wisdom? Every creative person first discovered a “new order” within himself and then manifested it externally. As per Dr Goswami, every creative discovery is a creative Leap of Thought that was then manifested in the outer world. And at that magical moment of Creation, a Creator uncovers a deeper aspects of himself, something that Dr Goswami referred to as Quantum Self.

I hope you’ll watch this video with a new sense of awareness that You, yes You, have an ability to Change and Create your reality, because you are a part of the ever reaching, unitive Universal Consciousness.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

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