with Golden Rules of
Wealth Creation!

Get 5 Proven Rules of Wealth
Creation and Management

I Used to Become Financially Free

Yes, it’s true - I am giving away principles and tools of my money management system! Creating, growing
and managing wealth requires confidence, patience and knowledge. This "Golden Rules of Wealth Creation" excerpt from my bestselling book “A Shift Toward Abundance” has been created to offer you specific and practical guidelines for living a prosperous life.

You Will Discover

  • How to develop ‘rich mind’ habits
  • How to become a successful investor
  • Tactics to create, grow and manage wealth

What You Will Get

Without giving it all away at once, you will get simple, yet proven Wealth Creation Rules that will help you along on your quest to Financial Freedom.

What You Will Learn


Learn to grow and manage wealth successfully, create a structure and discipline to maintain it


Learn how to save money in order to create a solid foundation for your financial future


Receive tips on effective ways to spend your money without wasting it


Discover how to implement a solid investment strategy to grow your wealth
If you feel that achieving financial freedom is not possible for you… you are not alone!
I used to think this too…

Just few short years ago I was at 'the bottom of the barrel' so to speak - divorced, unemployed, struggling with money and health. But I kept going, in gratitude for whatever I had at that time, and peeling off my limiting beliefs.

With newly found awareness of what I was creating with my thoughts, beliefs and intentions, and the solid financial know-how, I restarted my investment business on a solid foundation. I developed a proven money management system, which allowed me to achieve financial freedom in just 7 years.

I often say that I “failed myself forward”. And here I am today, having a blessed life... Not just because of the material wealth I now possess (although it is an important piece of an abundant life) but because…

I’ve found “The Missing Connection” for living a truly abundant life.

Are YOU truly committed to Living Free of Money Struggle?
Are YOU tired of guessing what you can do to achieve Financial Freedom?
Are YOU ready to start creating your own pathway to Financial Freedom?
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