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Unpack Your Limiting Money Patterns

Change Your Relationship with Money and
Develop an  Energetic Framework 
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I''m Ready to Have More Ease!

You desire to live your dream life! You want to have more freedom, more choices, more joy, and make a great living doing what you love!

You’ve read many books about Money and Wealth, you’ve done a few Money Mindset boot camps and Abundance alignment programs, bought courses about Investing, even went to investing seminars – you’ve done EVERYTHING that you were supposed to do, damn it!


the Financial Success You Desire is Still Eluding You!


The 'Missing Connection' might be keeping you away from Your Financial Success.

It’s not enough to know about the Law of Attraction. 

It’s not enough to have passion, experience and a strong willpower. 

It’s not enough to have financial know-how.

It’s not enough to have a Big Dream 

and a perfect business plan.

What you need is a step-by-step system to ALIGN with the ENERGY of your DESIRES - change your obstructive, limiting thinking patterns; release limiting money (energy) blocks, develop empowering WEALTH HABITS and WEALTH RITUALS. 


THAT’s what you are going to access in the Activate Effortless Wealth training. 

This life-transforming training addresses the ‘Missing Connection’ that will help you make better financial, business and investment decisions in order to succeed with ‘real-world’ wealth building strategies. 

That’s what this training is for.

What I Know

To build wealth you need to master both – the ‘inner game’ AND the ‘outer game.’


The ‘inner game’ is your mindset – ‘the operating system’ of your subconscious mind that includes a combination of your deep beliefs, thought patterns, self-perception and attitude.


The ‘outer game’ is what you do and have – your choices, decisions, actions, skills, experiences, and tangible assets.

And the secret sauce of financial success is that you must CONNECT the two!


The problem I see is that most programs and books cover either one or the other but NOT both.


They either teach you about the Law of Attraction and developing a “Money Mindset” OR teach very specific technical skills about advanced investing in the stock market or real estate.

But they don’t go into the BIG picture of what it takes to achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

They don’t CONNECT the ‘inner game’ of wealth AND the ‘outer game’ of wealth.

They don’t CONNECT the wealth mindset with practical, ‘real world’ wealth-building strategies.

And if you miss one part or both… financial success will keep eluding you.

Vital Connection

Because many professional women are missing this vital connection, they often get crashed by experiencing bankruptcies, disappointing business endeavors or bad investing results.

…They invest in trading courses, lose money and feel frustrated and discouraged.

…They work on their “Money Mindset”, read numerous self-help books, meditate, follow the success gurus and still struggle with money.


Because if you don’t know how to manage money intentionally and how to invest strategically, spending hours in meditation and attending inspirational, transformational events with success gurus will not add thousands to your bank account.

On the other hand, no matter how skilled you may be at money management and investing, if you come from a place of fear, lack, and powerlessness, you will eventually lose….

It is a joy to work with Millen...

Using laser like energy, Millen gives her full attention to your issue and stays with it until a satisfactory resolution or conclusion is reached. Open minded, yet direct and honest, Millen balances objectivity with compassion. It is a joy to work with her!

Mary J. Holden //  Freelance Editor &Writer

Millen inspires women to reach goals...

Millen brings together an interesting mix of feminine wisdom, clear logic, assertiveness and humility in all of her interactions. With her warmth, intelligence, diverse experience and passion for ‘Dare to be the best you could be’ message, she inspires other women to reach for the goals they set for themselves.

Sharon Keller //  Golden Bear Reality

I have not said, “Thank you!” enough....

Millen Livis is a gift to humanity. Millen is very generous with her time and energy, sharing her vast life experiences and strengths, empowering me to become a better human being. Millen has impacted my life spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, by her encouragement and clarity. I have not said, “Thank you!” enough.

Heidi Stefan // B.A. Detox Support Counselor, Archstone

Women Like You

I meet so many different types of women – single, married, divorced, employees, entrepreneurs, housewives, young and middle-aged – who experience financial anxiety, worries and money struggles.


And what I find remarkable is that they have something important in common… Something that may also be preventing you from achieving the financial success you desire…..


For instance, Alice, a smart, well-educated woman who, on the surface, appears to be successful yet feels insecure about her financial future. Her hidden limiting beliefs and lack of financial know-how has kept her from the financial success that was right in front of her!


…and Diana, a bright woman, who found herself in financial ruin and feeling unsafe after her divorce. Routine expenses – paying for groceries and utilities; making rent and car payments – became a battle. Money worries, fear of uncertainty and self-sabotaging beliefs caused anxiety and panic attacks.


… and another passionate, talented woman, Joanna, who was so excited about building her own business that she spent all her savings and used several credit cards to pay for her business expenses! Burned out and broke, she felt overwhelmed and had to declare bankruptcy.


… or Kate, who invested a lot of money in the past but, unfortunately, experienced devastating losses with her stock market and real estate investments. She became so paralyzed by the fear of loss that she stopped investing all together and gave up on her dream to become financially Independent.

Sound Familiar?

Although the circumstances that I described above may seem very different, I see a common denominator across all of them. You might also recognize yourself in one or more of these women….

Your Money Patterns are the backdoor to your State of Consciousness.” ~ Millen Livis

‘Lacking’ mindset, fear, anxiety, self-doubts often lead to making wrong decisions or not making any decisions! I believe that MONEY IS NOT the CAUSE of struggles but merely an INDICATOR of the missing CONNECTION.


I’ll tell you more about the important connection in a moment…


But first, let me share with you my own story and why you may want to listen to me.

I AM ... 


Sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure IT IS MY LIFE!

The truth is… it turned out to be more amazing and magical than I’ve ever expected. I am now called the “Wealth Architect”!

Yes, I’ve achieved Financial Independence; own beautiful homes in Provence, South of France and Palm Beach County, Florida; travel when I want, do what I love, and choose how much or how little I work….

No, I was NOT born into wealth and didn’t marry a wealthy guy! When I came to the United States from Lithuania in 1990, I had NO money and hardly spoke English....

Although I held a Master Degree in Physics, my first job was a minimum wage ‘florist assistant.’

I taught myself English and within a year started working for Merrill Lynch as a consultant. For many years I continued working as an executive for major Wall Street Companies – Dean Witter, Bankers Trust, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank – and that’s when I learned how to invest in the stock market.

I worked 60+-hour weeks and had 3-hour daily commute to work while raising a young child. Although I was comfortable financially and looked successful, inside I felt exhausted, unfulfilled and emotionally drained.

In my mid-forties I decided to continue my education and was accepted to The Wharton Business School. After graduating with an MBA degree, I decided not to go back to corporate America and became an entrepreneur. That’s when I learned about investing in real estate.

During that time I had a number of challenges: my business partnership didn’t work out; my marriage fell apart; I got into a devastating car accident; struggled with money and health issues.

It was one of the darkest moments in my life.… I felt overwhelmed, stuck, lost and fearful. In my own eyes, I was an absolute failure.

The pivotal moment that changed my life

It was during my downward spiral in life when I realized that everything I was afraid of came about! My fears of being alone, losing my home, being unemployed and sick… all of my fears actualized!


Fortunately, life had an unexpected twist waiting for me….


I met a magnificent life coach who said to me: “Millen, you will have an amazing life but first, you need to master your ‘inner game’ instead of only focusing on technical skills and knowledge. Although the financial know-how is important, your ‘inner game’ is going to affect your ‘outer game.’


The light bulb in my head went on!

From that point on, I committed to living intentionally – to be mindful about my habits and thinking patterns, and consciously choose to focus on solutions instead of problems.


Despite divorce, joblessness, money, and health challenges, I kept going… in gratitude for whatever I had at that time, while peeling off my hidden limiting beliefs and releasing energetic blocks.


I read hundreds of books, became a licensed yoga and meditation instructor, attended dozens of live events with the top transformational masters of our time and my life got transformed in the most miraculous ways!

How I Became Financially FREE

With newly found awareness of what I was creating with my thoughts, beliefs, focus, and actions, and my extensive investment and money management experience, I restarted my investment business on a strong foundation.

I developed a Wealth Creation system, the Millenaire Method, which allowed me to achieve financial freedom in just 7 years, starting from the ground zero for the second time in my life.


I often say that I “failed myself forward”.

And here I am today, having a truly blessed life… Not just because of the material wealth I now possess (although it is an important piece of an abundant life), but because now I have more FREEDOM to CHOOSE – what I do, where I live, when I travel, who I spend time with, and how much or how little I work.

And the key to the Millenaire Method - a Wealth Creation system that I developed - is “The Missing Connection” that is essential for living a truly abundant life.


Let me clarify what I mean here.


Intentional money management and financial  know-hows are very important for creating and managing wealth.


But here’s the catch….

You must be strategic about your wealth building.


Would you agree that the ultimate purpose of life is to experience Freedom, Love, Joy, and Growth?


If so, then you really want to master the practical wealth building strategies AND the art of developing a wealth mindset, which will lead you to living a free, joyful and fulfilling life.

"Wealth Mindset is not about having more stuff, but rather about having more choices.” ~ Millen Livis

How to Connect The Inner Game And The Outer Game to Create the Life You Desire

Without the systematized step-by-step training that addresses BOTH – mastering your inner game AND attaining the financial know-how through proven wealth creating strategies – you could be missing what’s holding you back.


If you’ve been seeking for ways to Experience More Ease and Fun Around Money, to Allow Prosperity to Flow Effortlessly to You and through You, This Training Is the Solution you’ve been looking for!


Who is this for

  • are tired of just getting by in life
  • have tried money mindset boot-camps and seminars yet still struggle with fear, anxiety and self-doubts

  • have had enough of feeling overwhelmed about managing competing financial priorities

  • want to feel confident discussing money with your partner
  • want to make sound financial decisions
  • are ready to upgrade your life and enjoy personal and financial independence

Who is this not for

  • are happy with where you are now financially
  • are not interested in upgrading your life
  • prefer to stay in your comfort zone
  • don’t like to invest in yourself regardless of the results

  • expect a “magic pill” or have a “save me” syndrome
  • are not willing to do the inner work to have the life you desire


Online Personal Group Mentoring Program

Activate Effortless Wealth program contains the essential elements for developing Wealth Mindset and experiencing Financial Success.


You will learn and practice proven, powerful, effective  techniques and strategies to break down your money blocks, create a clear vision and specific goals, and rewire your mind to allow more abundance, peace of mind, and joy into your life.


This 10-week training is a Comprehensive Money Mindset Makeover – it is specifically designed to help you let go of worries and financial anxiety, and invite more prosperity into your life.


And side-effects?


You will feel more confident, abundant and free!

“No more blaming myself, means that I am now open to new financial opportunities! No fear when talking money with my partner. Such freedom.” ~ training participant

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:

11 Modules & 3 Bonuses that will will help you to Activate Effortless Wealth

Module 0

Money Mindset

Set the stage for the Money Mindset Makeover – learn about neuroplasticity, emotional energy codes and take assessments of your current alignment with the Wealth Mindset and your Propensity to Succeed

Module 1

Dream Life

Create a Vision for your Dream Life; use specific guidelines and methods

Module 2

Money Story

Uncover your old-running Money Story and Money patterns; get powerful techniques to change your money habits

Module 3

Money Blueprint

Change your old relationship with Money, reset your Wealth Thermostat and install a new Money Blueprint

Module 4

Release Worry

Release financial worries and increase confidence through self-reliance and competence

Module 5

Financial Success

Become aware of your environment and its effects on your financial success

Module 6


Learn how to align with abundance consciousness so that you feel in a flow… effortlessly

Module 7-9


Discover rarely known Spiritual Laws of Abundance

Module 10

Energetic Framework

Set in motion the energetic framework for creating lasting wealth and prosperity; reassess your mindset’s alignment and success propensity

Here’s how it will work:

Every week, you’ll get access to a new program module (in a form of videos, audios and pdfs) via private membership site.

Every alternative week, you’ll have a personal group coaching call and get a laser-focused coaching by Millen

You will get recorded guided visualizations to help you create powerful energetic shifts.

You’ll follow the suggested daily routines and practices to change your money habits. And you’ll able to share your progress, ask questions and celebrate your wins in the private community of like-minded people.

Your Investment in this Life-Transforming Program?   

One Time payment of $997 or

3 easy payments of $397

"If You Want to Win, You’ve Got to Be Willing and Ready to Train" - Millen Livis

Ask Yourself

How much would I pay for just ONE life-transforming shift in my ability to attract wealth and opportunities?


During this hands-on training, you’ll be guided into the mindset of wealth as well as get practical, reliable wealth habits to elevate your frequency fast.

I’ve used these exact tools to scale my own wealth and became Financially Free, and taught them to clients around the world.

Bottom Line: 

More planning, more information, and more hard work will NOT get you to financial success. Retraining your mind, becoming the wealthy version of yourself in thoughts, words, and feeling AND developing wealth-building habits WILL.

I am NOT going to recycle the “you can find them anywhere” principles of the Law of Attraction, or lecture you on the importance of positive thinking, or do something that you can learn on your own.

This training is HIGHLY hands-on, experiential and practical. I will be unveiling my step-by-step system that will help you not only make as much money as you want, but also feel TRULY abundant, confident and peaceful.

By learning and applying the principles of the Spiritual Laws of Abundance, you are going to be better prepared to make smart financial and business decisions.

In addition, you’ll tap into the sacred field of Unlimited Abundance and Possibilities, and start creating the prosperous version of yourself.

THAT will make Your Financial Success Inevitable. 

Maybe good things come to those who wait,
but the BEST THINGS come to those who
Seize the Moment and make it their own! 

Yes, you will experience what it’s like to tap into
your Authentic Power and become Unstoppable!

From participants of Activate Effortless Wealth

I Thank God for Having Sent Me You

Millen, I feel so honored to be in this group. A powerful woman like you...talking to me, helping me and believing in me. Extrapolating myself from where I was has not been easy, but I did it and you helped a lot along the way. I now KNOW that by the end of this program I will be a completely different and wealthy person. I thank God for having send me you.

Elisabetta Scarabellita  //  Entrepreneur 

It All Comes Together ... Affects Your Mindset in a Profound Way

I really enjoyed Activate Effortless Wealth program – it was completely unique, easily digestible and had a lasting impact on me. After I finished the program, things in my business started happening out of nowhere – dream clients popped up and accepted my higher fees! There is something about the way Millen is teaching… her style… her language… her content... and how it all comes together that affects your mindset in a profound way

Sarah Arrow //  Content Strategist

and Create
a NEW Prosperous Way of Being…with EASE?

I can now take specific steps and change what I don’t like. I believe I can also be more open about my money with my partner when I know exactly what I am spending the money on feel that it’s absolutely ok to treat myself to seminars. It will improve not only my relationship with money but also with my partner.”
~ training participant

Let's Review

You Will Get...

  • 10 Training Modules (videos, audio, pdfs) to facilitate your deep transformation process. You will access them via private password-protected membership site.
  • 5 LIVE laser-focused group coaching sessions with Millen (every alternative week) to guide and support you though this life-transforming training.
  • Kick-off Training to assess your current wealth mindset, success propensity, and energy vibration frequency.

  • Empowering Easy-to-Use Exercises and Journaling Assignments to boost your progress and keep you on track.

  • Live support via the private Facebook community "Activate Effortless Wealth" to help you connect, share, and ask questions.


Activate Effortless Wealth Bonuses

Unpack Your Money Patterns Bootcamp with Millen Livis 

VALUE $397

An online video training to help you identify and unpack some hidden limiting thinking patterns and money habits that may be preventing you from having the financial success you desire


Money Breakthrough program by Steven Cole

VALUE $397

You will learn about high-vibration energetic healing and wealth alignment


Private 1:1 Coaching Session

VALUE $497

“Celebrate Your WINS” PRIVATE farewell session to celebrate your success and brainstorm your best next action step.

The Total Value of Activate Effortless Wealth BONUSES: 


Total Value of the Activate Effortless Wealth Program is


Your Investment in this Life-transforming Program is  ONLY $997 full payment OR 3 payments of $397


I make a living by applying what I teach to my own life, not by simply selling programs….

Everything I'll be sharing with you in the ACTIVATE EFFORTLESS WEALTH training  truly changed my life.


It took me from feeling lost, broke and broken to living a remarkable life - becoming financially independent, marrying my soulmate, having beautiful homes in resort-like locations, and doing the work I was meant for.

And now it's your turn. Your time.

Millen offers so much value and a solid advice! 

 Millen has a way of opening up conversations that not only make you feel safe to talk about money, but her questions have been so profound that they have made immediate shifts in my mindset and my circumstances have changed almost immediately too, including more money showing up, but more importantly, more and more opportunities. I have found new and inspired direction, and am feeling a lot more peaceful and excited about life in general. Millen offers so much value and a solid advice! She is a big picture thinker and it is infectious! Thank you, Millen, from the bottom of my heart and the top of my soul.

Renee Commins  //  Coach, Renee Commins Coaching 

“Money conversations with my husband will now come from Love. I don't know what will come out of this, but I know it will be 1000 times better than coming from fear. Blaming myself is like thinking about the "old boyfriend": nothing can happen if I stay there. I will continue to work on past failures deeper and deeper. I am sure that my 6 figure income will have more freedom to come to me.

Thank you, Millen, you are powerful, generous, amazing... my words cannot describe the space you create for me and for many of us.” ~ training participant

FAQ About Activate Effortless Wealth

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How will this training help me with having more money?

What is your cancellation policy?

I don’t know how to manage money how to keep my money. Is this training right for me?

I am bombarded with offers to help me create a wealth mindset and I feel information overload. Will this training add to this feeling or decrease it?

When does this program start?

If I am still not sure if this program is right for me, can I talk to you about it?

Experience Shifts In Your Awareness & Attitude in 30 Days With Your Full Participation in the Program

I am confident that if you make time for each module, stay engaged, participate in the support community, and follow all suggested exercises and assignments, your life will get transformed in the most remarkable ways (because YOU WILL TRANSFORM).


However, if you do EVERYTHING that is suggested in this program and after 30 days in the program you don’t notice ANY shifts in your awareness and attitude, just contact my team at support@daretochangelife.com and we’ll issue a full refund.

Millen Livis

Don't be Left Behind:
Activate Effortless Wealth Today!

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you'll become wealthy just by joining the program. I'm a financial empowerment mentor, not a magician. Your work and commitment are required and these are ultimately your responsibility. What I can guarantee is that you will get access to the valuable content, community and my support that will help you make your goals happen much faster, and your dreams become your reality.

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