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Hello and WELCOME to our

Activate Effortless Wealth Family!

I know you’re busy, and realize that you’re taking a risk
because you want to leap forward with your life!

And I want to reassure you that you’ve made an incredible decision!

The training you’re going to go through will TRANSFORM YOU and YOUR LIFE!

Yes, I guarantee that you’ll make progress……have NO doubts about that.

And the question I get often is

“Millen, how can I make the transformations happen faster?”

Well…I have a way to do that….
It’s a special service that I provide to my private clients.

I call it Quantum Release Protocol, or QRP…

Here’s how it will work 

You’ll be guided by me through the energy healing protocol 

called “The Peace Process” and at the same time, simultaneously with this protocol, I will use my own Mind-Body Loop and

my own energy field (it’s called IM, or the “Instant Miracle” protocol) to help you ACCELERATE the release of harmful emotions stored in your body – the emotions you’ve carried in your body for years….

​I am certified in using these techniques by my mentor and have seen some truly PHENOMENAL results with my private clients who used it.

I do the QR protocol only in a PRIVATE setting – over Private Zoom room or in Person.
The optimal results can be achieved in just TWO PRIVATE Sessions!

I’ve witnessed the release of sexual abuse trauma, trauma from emotional and physical abuse from childhood and marriage, financial worries and anxiety, etc.

The results have been short of miraculous.…

Your Investment in QRP

The regular investment to have TWO QRP sessions with me is $1000.

If this is something of interest to YOU, 

rather then being $1000 for 2 private QR sessions,
I’ll let you have it for only $700!!! ($300 off!)

But I can ONLY do this for 10 students of the
Activate Effortless Wealth, whoever will sign up first!

So, decide whether you want to be one of the 10 students 

who will receive this SPECIAL ACCELERATOR option with me

(which is NOT available ANYWHERE ELSE) -
then click one of the buttons below.

Please Understand: I can ONLY offer this service to

10 people MAX and ONLY during this Mind-Body training.

And one more thing I want you to know:

I feel truly HONORED to be the guide on your journey
to personal Freedom and Financial Independence.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Freedom!

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you'll become wealthy just by joining the program.

Your work and commitment are required and these are ultimately your responsibility.

What I can guarantee is that you will get access to valuable resources, community and

my support that will help you make your goals happen much faster, and your dreams

become your reality.

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