How To Break FREE
From What’s Been Holding You Back,
So That YOU Leap Forward And

Activate Effortless Wealth!

"Millen! I'm amazed at the abundance & confidence I'm experiencing.
I am also feeling a BIG SHIFT in the mind work / meditation"

~ Laurie Thomas, podcaster, blogger, serial entrepreneur

Do You Want to Live

YOUR Life On YOUR Terms?

Do you want to be FREE from corporate politics and egos, from being underpaid,

feeling under-appreciated, or stuck?

Do you want NEVER again feel insecure about your financial future?

Do you want the Personal Freedom and Financial Independence so that you can

CHOOSE how much or how little you work,

WHO you work with,

WHERE you live, and

WHEN you take vacations?

Are you ready to quit wasting your time?

You’ve read many books about creating wealth, have taken a few mindset courses, 

and abundance manifestation programs, bought some investing training, even went to investing seminars….

You’ve done EVERYTHING that you were supposed to do, damn it!


You're still worrying about your financial future….

And the Financial Success You Desire
is still eluding you!


Because the Evil Rubber Band Effect holds even

smart and capable women (like you and me) HOSTAGE!

It keeps us living in a Survival F.O.G. of Fear, Obligations and Guilt, pulling us back again and again, making us doubt ourselves and even want to give up.

Our subconscious PAST conditioning (a.k.a. Evil Rubber Band)

shaped US and OUR lives!!

You’ve got to CUT the Rubber Band and 


When you break FREE from your PAST Conditioning, you’ll liberate a TON of energy,

gain Clarity and Motivation to ACT.

Then you will FINALLY be able to LEAP forward into the Future you REALLY want, for yourself and your loved ones.

The BEST news is that when you start conditioning your Mind and Body for your desired FUTURE,
you’ll NO LONGER need to “CHASE” money and opportunities because

you’ll draw the right people and great opportunities TO you!

MAGIC will start happening….
Synchronicities will start happening... prospects will appear out of nowhere...
You’ll experience a forward-moving momentum, and
feel more EASE and more Optimism about your life.

Your current Money Patterns are the backdoor to your

current State of Subconsciousness.” ~ Millen Livis

My Journey

​From Broke, Broken, and Depressed
To Wealthy, Happy and FREE

I’ve guided thousands of busy professional women from all over the world

along their unique journey to Financially Independence… 

through my books, courses, and destination retreats.

And I “walk the talk.” 

I am Financially Independent and Live my life on MY terms.

Live 6 months by the beach in South Florida and 6 months by the beach in the South of France.

I work as much or as little as I choose to, spend time with people I choose to spend time with, and take vacations and travel when I choose to.

But when I first started out, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to be financially independent….

I was NOT the Person I needed to BE…to achieve this.

I was STUCK living in the Survival F.O.G. (of Fears, Obligations, and Guilt) and

was CONSTANTLY pulled back to my fears and doubts by the Evil Rubber Band Effect…

At my darkest moment, I was close to ending my life…

I had to get out of my own way!
I had to start FEELING Worthy and THINKING Wealthy,
so that I could

So, the questions we must ask ourselves are:

“How can I get out of my own way and 

STOP sabotaging my financial success?

“How do I CHANGE my financial Destiny?

And here’s what I KNOW…

You must have step-by-step PERSONALIZED System
that will help you

#1. BREAK FREE from your Mind and Body PAST Conditioning,
#2. RE-CONDITION your Mind and Body for the FUTURE you desire

That’s the journey you have to take to transform your life
so you become Wealthy, Prosperous and FREE…
from the INSIDE OUT.

And that’s EXACTLY what the Activate Effortless Wealth training

has helped my students to achieve.

From the former students of the Activate Effortless Wealth training

I Would Do It Again!

“Millen, the Activate Effortless Wealth was a powerful investment for me.

I would do it again! 

My relationship with money is unrecognizable from where I started… 

Thank you.”

Elisabetta Scarabelli // IT Professional, Entrepreneur

It Affects Your Mindset in a Profound Way

"I really enjoyed Activate Effortless Wealth program – it was completely unique, easily digestible and had a lasting impact on me. After I finished the program, things in my business started happening out of nowhere – dream clients popped up and accepted my higher fees! There is something about the way Millen is teaching… her style… her language… her content... and how it all comes together that affects your mindset in a profound way."

Sarah Arrow // Content Strategist, Marketing Director​

Wouldn’t think twice about it!

“I can’t say enough how the Activate Effortless Wealth changed the way I look not only at my money, my money habits, but the things I was doing on autopilot…I’ve been able to use it in ALL facets of my life. So, if you’re frugal and wondering if it’s worth the money, YES, it’s so worth the money! Working with Millen is so amazing! I really enjoyed the class and would take it again in a heart bit! Wouldn’t think twice about it!

Laurie Thomas // Podcaster, Blogger, Serial Entrepreneur

Success Keys You’ll Get In This 

Mind-Body Training System

You’ll discover HOW to rewire your Mind AND BODY so you’ll never have to worry about the energy villain pulling you back by the evil rubber-band effect

We’ll clear away the Survival F.O.G. from your Past

We’ll prepare you for your new Future with the Future Conditioning

You’ll create your Personalized Mind-Body Reference Guide – that fits YOU!

You’ll liberate a TON of energy, gain clarity and motivation to ACT on YOUR PLAN.

You’ll NEVER be alone – I’ll be with you every step along this journey

You’ll be part of a Community of like-minded women going through the same growth experience

Everything in this training is designed to fit into busy women’s schedule

Is This Program For YOU?

Who is this for

are tired of just getting by in life 

have tried money mindset boot-camps and seminars yet still struggle with fear, anxiety and self-doubts

have had enough of feeling overwhelmed about managing competing financial priorities

want to feel confident discussing money with your partner

want to make sound financial decisions

are ready to upgrade your life and enjoy personal and financial independence

Who is this not for

are happy with where you are now financially

are not interested in upgrading your life

prefer to stay in your comfort zone

don’t like to invest in yourself regardless of the results

expect a “magic pill” or have a “save me” syndrome

are not willing to do the inner work to have the life you desire

Welcome To The

10-week Personal Group Mentoring Program

This 10-week training is a comprehensive Mind-Body Conditioning Makeover.

It’s specifically designed to help you clear the Survival F.O.G. of PAST Conditioning and

recondition yourself for the FUTURE YOU Desire.


You’ll uncover what is holding you back and will practice proven, powerful and effective

solution protocols backed by latest discoveries in Neuroscience, NLP and Timeline Therapy.

"Your current financial reality is Not Your Destiny. It’s simply a reflection of your current Mind-Body Loop conditioned by your Past.” ~ Millen Livis

Here’s What You’ll
Receive and Experience

Module 0

Wealth Mindset

​Set the stage for the Mind-Body makeover
learn how your Mind-Body Loop operates, how its PAST conditioning affects you and your life, and how it may be sabotaging your efforts, so that you start being more intentional with your choices and actions in the Present.

Module 0

Your Vision

Define your vision (your deep dreams and desires) – a proverbial “destination” of your journey (your desired Future), so that you will know EXACTLY what FUTURE you want to re-condition your Mind-Body Loop to.

Module 2

Money Story

You’ll uncover your old-programming from the PAST– your old Money Story and Money patterns. Then you’ll start reconditioning your Mind-Body Loop with your new Money Story – re-conditioning it for your desired FUTURE.

Module 3

Relationship with Money

You’ll discover your PRESENT relationship with Money and reset your “Wealth Thermostat” for your desired FUTURE, so that you’ll start naturally (and effortlessly) attract money opportunities instead of repelling them.

Module 4

Worry Release Protocol

You’ll look closely at your PRESENT Survival F.O.G. (e.g. Fear of being broke and alone, Fear of being dependent on someone or something outside of yourself), Fear that it’s too late for you to become independent, or just a Fear of failure. And you’ll learn and use “Fear Release” solution protocol to recondition your Mind-Body Loop for the desired FUTURE.

Module 5

Environment for Success

You’ll unclutter your PRESENT inner and outer environments, adjust your interactions with people in your life who influence you, and set boundaries so that you feel more in control of your own choices and decisions.

Module 6

Being in the Flow

You’ll focus on ways to align your Mind-Body Loop with Abundance Conciseness so that you get in a flow – draw money and great opportunities TO you, effortlessly. That’s all part of your FUTURE Conditioning.

Module 7-9

Laws of Abundance

You’ll discover rarely known Universal Laws of Abundance. Applying the principles of these overlooked laws in your daily life can make your journey to financial abundance easier and shorter, let alone more fun and effort-less. That’s all part of your Mind-Body FUTURE conditioning.

Module 10

Personalized Mind-Body Reference Guide

You’ll put all the pieces you’ve developed together – you’ll complete your “Personalized Mind-Body Reference Guide” by using all the insights, lessons, tools and techniques you’ve accumulated from ALL previous lessons and categorize them into PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE sections.

Here’s how it will work

Every week, you’ll get access to a new program module (in a form of videos, audios and pdfs) and an assignment

via private training portal

Every other week, you’ll have a Zoom video call and get laser-focused personalized guidance and mentoring

You’ll also receive recorded guided visualizations to help you create powerful energetic shifts

You’ll have daily (Monday-Friday) support in the private Facebook group dedicated to this training

“Wealth Mindset is not about having more stuff,

but rather about having more choices.” ~ Millen Livis

Your Investment

Before I tell the investment amount, I want you to understand something…

During the 10-week journey together, I’ll be personally with you every step of the way about 3 hours a week - mentoring, answering your questions, supporting you….

It’s 30 + hours of my personal time dedicated to YOU!

My current rate to work with me privately is $500/hour

So, my students get $15,000 worth of VALUE from ME in this training! 

However, I REALLY want to make this training available to as many women as I can.

That’s why Your Full Investment in 

the Activate Effortless Wealth training 

This Year is ONLY $997

*And we also offer a payment plan
3 easy payments of $399 over 3 months 
if it helps you to get on board.

Watch what AEW student, Elisabetta Scarabelli, shared about her experience

"My deepest desire is that YOU become 

in your pursuit of

Personal Freedom and Financial Independence." ~ Millen Livis


To accelerate your progress, I’ve decided to give you
additional resources worth of $1391 as MY GIFT,
including PRIVATE, 1:1 time with me.

Gift #1Unpack Your Money Patterns

online program

​This program is the fastest and simplest way I know
to identify and unpack hidden limiting money patterns
that prevent you from having the financial success you want.

It’s available on the website for $297 but it’s my GIFT to you.

Gift #2Creating Prosperity Formula

online program

It’s a FUN and Powerful GAME to change your limited thinking and PRACTICE LIVING like a Wealthy and Free woman. It will help you feel NORMAL about receiving thousands and millions!

It’s available on my website for $297 but is my GIFT to you.

Gift #3: SURPRISE…

​Because I’m so sure you’ll succeed, I want to give you a start in your new life! After 6 weeks in the training, YOU will be able to CHOOSE ANY ONE of my currently available online programs – the one that YOU think will help you break FREE from the evil Rubber Band Effect faster.

Again, whatever program you’ll choose from the list –

(value $297) – will be my GIFT to you!


LEAP FORWARD session with me, yours truly!

During this session, not only we’ll celebrate your success,
but we’ll create an anchor for your desired FUTURE…
using some of the most powerful energetic and NLP techniques.

The Value of this bonus is at least $500

and it’s my GIFT to you!

The TOTAL VALUE of the GIFTS is $1391

The VALUE of the Activate Effortless Wealth 10-week Training is $15,000

Your Investment This Year is ONLY
$997 full payment or
3 Easy payments of $399

(a COMPLETE no-brainer! )

Watch what AEW student, Sarah Arrow, shared about her experience

Let's Review

So, for the 10-week INTIMATE training with me (NOT associate coaches), 

where you’ll get about $15,000 worth of value of my personal time,  


10 weeks of PERSONAL access to me and my team, including bi-weekly mentoring calls

LIFETIME access to the videos, audios and transcripts for the
Activate Effortless Wealth online program AND ALL Gifted programs

10 weeks of Unlimited support Monday through Friday in our 

private dedicated Facebook group

11 Training Modules (videos, audio, pdfs) to facilitate your deep

transformation process. You will access them via private training portal

Empowering Easy-to-Use Exercises to boost your progress and keep you on track

Access to the PRIVATE Community of like-minded women 

(current students and alumni) who are on the same journey

ALL of this for ONLY $997 this year

This is one of my FAVORITE trainings because it helps you start creating the momentum faster.

So…if you want to get in this year, at this year investment amount,
then you’ve got to
act quickly….

Watch what AEW student, Alisa LaPort, shared about her experience

If You Want to Win, You’ve Got to Be

Willing and Ready to Train.” ~ Millen Livis

Progress Guarantee

I am confident that you’ll make a great progress even within first 4 weeks and that

by the end of this training  YOUR LIFE will get transformed in the most 

remarkable ways (because YOU WILL TRANSFORM).

Work with me for a
whole month (first 4 weeks), and if at the end of first 30 days 

you don’t think you’re making a progress, just contact us and we’ll refund your investment!

The Bottom Line

More information, more hard work, and more traditional planning 

will NOT get you to financial success.

Re-programming your Mind-Body Loop for the desired Future
- becoming the

wealthy version of yourself in thoughts, words, emotions, and behaviors WILL.

I am NOT going to recycle the “you can find them anywhere” principles of the Law of Attraction, or lecture you on the importance of positive thinking, or do something that

you can learn on your own.

Instead, I’ll help you remove obstacles to living YOUR dream life by

transforming your Mind-Body Loop

FROM being the record of your PAST

TO being the map for your desired FUTURE.


I’m NOT going to let you fall, I’m NOT going to let you fail!!
And I’m NOT going to let you get distracted!

Watch what AEW student, Laurie Thomas, shared about her experience

Frequently Asked Questions

about the

Activate Effortless Wealth

How will this training help me with having more money?

I am bombarded with offers to help me create a wealth mindset and I feel information overload. Will this training add to this feeling or decrease it?

What is your cancellation policy?

How often do you offer this training?  

I don’t know how to manage money how to keep my money. Is this training right for me?

If I am still not sure if this program is right for me, can I talk to you about it?

The Mind-Body Loop re-wiring system you will use 

in the Activate Effortless Wealth training

took me, literally,
FROM being broke, broken and depressed
TO living my life on my terms!

And Now It's Your Time.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you'll become wealthy just by joining the program.

Your work and commitment are required and these are ultimately your responsibility.

What I can guarantee is that you will get access to valuable resources, community and

my support that will help you make your goals happen much faster, and your dreams

become your reality.

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