Master Your Mind,
Master Your Money

If you’re a woman, who...

Feels undervalued and overworked
puts in the most work yet still not living the life you want

Can’t seem to get ahead of those money worries 
feels stuck in feast-or-famine cycles

Yearns to be financially independent and powerful
is tired of settling for less and worrying about your financial future


  • Give up on your dream of becoming financially independent one day?
  • Accept a future of an increasingly meager existence and financial insecurity?
  • Grow bitter and curse your luck?


Here’s what you’re about to discover:

  • THREE Money Mindset TRAPS that keep you living paycheck to paycheck
  • Why your current financial situation is NOT your destiny
  • How a minimum wage florist’s assistant became financially independent, with numerous properties and multiple streams of income

Does this sound like you?

You’ve read loads of books about wealth and abundance

You’ve invested in mindset and meditation programs

You may have attended investment seminars

Yet somehow...

you always seem to have more expenses than money.

Maybe it’s because you’re not a ‘numbers person’.
Nobody taught you the practical finance stuff.
You lack the discipline to plan and manage your money.
You’re scrambling to hold all the pieces together
(it’s all a bit too overwhelming).

Or maybe you keep running into old stories and patterns.
Your best efforts are being derailed by fear, guilt or shame.

Whatever it is…
The wisdom of the famous financial gurus doesn’t seem to be working for you.
When you do make good money, you can’t seem to hold onto it.
And your dreams of financial freedom keep eluding you.

Have You EVER Felt That Way?

I have good news and bad news

First, the good news…

Your current financial reality is NOT your destiny. 

It’s merely a reflection of your current mindset and conditioned behaviors and habits.

By installing the empowering beliefs and habits,

You can go...

From experiencing a continuous replay of your Past,
To living out your desired Future.

This is MY story.

It’s also the story of many of my clients who were stuck in sporadic cash flow and dissatisfying net worth, yet took control of their financial future and turned their vision boards into their everyday reality.

Now, the bad news…

 more hard work,
more financial theory,

more traditional planning
will NOT get you to financial success!

Travelling further down that road only leads to...

  • Settling for less than you deeply desire and deserve 
  • Living small, playing safe - far below your potential
  • Consistently trimming down your dreams and pruning your life expectations
  • Staying stuck in survival mode, growing disappointment and despair

At this point, you might be wondering...

"If all the choices and effort I've made thus far haven't helped me be

financially independent.... what will??”

Here’s what your favorite gurus and financial advisors aren’t telling you...

3 Mindset Traps that
Keep You Living
Paycheck to Paycheck

Trap #3

Trying to Create New Realities with Old Beliefs

Our beliefs determine our experiences.

This is not breaking news. We hear experts and gurus talk about this all the time.
What we don’t hear often is how exactly to get rid of those stubborn limiting beliefs that

keep steering our actions and experiences - especially when we don’t even know they’re there.

Take my client, let’s call her Susan, as an example.

Susan is very smart, had previously worked with a few coaches and taken a lot of programs, so

she knew how important it is to have supportive beliefs like “make money your friend”.

Yet somehow, she was still struggling financially.

While working together, we uncovered the deep-seated belief that unless Susan had

a noble profession like her father (who was a doctor), she would not be able to make good money.

Susan rebelled against her father’s expectations and chose to forge her own path in life.

But her father’s words were stuck in her subconscious, and
prevented her

affirmations and visualizations from being effective… blocking her desired financial success.

She kept thinking: “Of course I don’t have money.... I’m not a doctor!”

I helped Susan release this and a few other beliefs by clearing the energy of these

 memories stored in her body on a cellular level.

With the blocks removed, within 6 months of working together Susan was able to attract

a lucrative business partnership with a property investor, and founded a business that has allowed

her to express her natural talents and interests.

Trap #2

Forcing a Success Formula that Doesn’t Fit YOU

There are many amazing mindset and money coaches out there.

Experts like Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, and Barbara Stanny.

They have stunning success stories, clever frameworks and impressive models.

So, why don’t these formulas work for you?


these experts have different social circles, backgrounds and natural designs to you.

That’s why you’ve struggled to plug your life into their success formulas.

It’s why you “feel like a fish climbing a tree”.

Now, you know that it’s not your fault!

When my client, let’s call her Anna, first reached out to me, she told me that she worked with

a few prominent coaches, but experienced disappointing progress.

Part of the problem was that Anna is a very creative and intuitive woman, who was drawn to

very masculine, analytical experts. Their “do as I say” approach didn't fit with her natural inclinations.

She was losing her innate spark, and felt deflated and unworthy of financial success.

Anna recognized in me a wealth mentor who would guide her to financial success, while honoring

her creative and intuitive nature. She was introduced to flexible structures that allowed her

to create impressive financial results, while being playful and energetically resourced.

Within 6 months of us working together, Anna reclaimed her feminine power, started working

with celebrity clients, and expanded her business profits by 5X.

Trap #1

Creating a Future Based on Past & Present Experiences

Your immediate financial reality is NOT your destiny.

It’s merely a reflection of your conditioned mindset, attitude and habits.

Most people imagine their financial future based on their current circumstances...

Many women feel overworked, undervalued and undercompensated.

It’s considered normal for women to make sacrifices.

And I say, NONSENSE!

You may compromise, but never sacrifice.



I have a dear friend, Alice, who was always very creative - a talented designer.

But she didn’t believe she could be financially successful as a designer, being a first generation immigrant in America.

She chose to follow a safer path, and worked for financial institutions all her life...while feeling doubtful and unfulfilled.

Alice sacrificed her creative gifts and talents.

And now she looks back on her life with  a few regrets.

So, what does compromise look like?

Here’s a little bit of my story…

After my divorce, I moved into a rundown apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, and decided to start my real estate investment company.

I was 100% committed to the success of my business, compromising on stuff that was not important to me… designer clothes, fancy outings, exotic vacations, etc.

My girlfriends would say:

“You live like a student!”

“Other women your age drive nice cars, have houses and pools”.

I was relentless, because I knew what I wanted…


Freedom was my North Star, and that clarity powerfully pulled me toward a remarkable future.

I know many people who compromised on their core values, and allowed their past and present circumstances to shape their beliefs of what’s possible for them.

From what place are you creating YOUR future?

Why Would You Listen To Me?

I was stuck in those same traps too... all of them!

It was only when I looked back at my own transformation that I saw how these mindset traps kept me stuck for years.

In my early forties, I was stuck in a job and a marriage where I felt undervalued and overlooked…

My work became so meaningless to me — just a way to pay the bills.

I felt alone, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Angry at myself for not having a clear plan...

Dismayed that I had ignored my dreams for so long.

So, to numb the deep void in my soul, I plunged myself into “retail therapy”.

Rather than addressing the source of my void, I developed the “survival tactic” of buying “stuff.”

And only when I uncovered these hidden traps in my own mindset, then I became the woman I am today - powerful, financially independent and fulfilled.

I feel blessed because I FINALLY live my life on my terms, have created multiple sources of income, and help others become prosperous..

My second husband and I spend 6 months of the year in my beach house in Florida, and the remainder of the year in our villa in the South of France. 

But I am not the only one who has experienced massive transformation.

Here’s What Some of My Clients Have to Say

I am amazed at the abundance & confidence I’m experiencing

Millen, I am amazed at the abundance & confidence I’m experiencing. I am also feeling a BIG SHIFT in the mind work and meditation.

I can't say enough how much I changed the way I look not only at my money habits, but especially those things that run on autopilot... I've been able to use [the principles I learned] in ALL facets of my life, with my relationships and financial matters.

YES, it's SO worth the money!

Laurie Thomas

Executive Secretary, Serial Entrepreneur

And now...

I am inviting you to

Master Your Mind AND Your Money,

so that you shift 

FROM a life of Fear, Fatigue and Frustration

TO a life of Financial Freedom.


A 6-month Pilgrimage to 
Personal Power and Prosperity that 
Will Have You Living Life on Your Terms
Without Having to Win the Lottery

Here's What You'll Experience

Master Your Mind

  • Discover HOW to rewire your Mind AND BODY so you’ll never sabotage yourself and your dreams 
  • Prepare for your new desired Future with Future Conditioning
  • Create your Personalized Mind-Body Reference Guide – that fits YOU!
  • Liberate a TON of energy, gain clarity and motivation to ACT on YOUR PLAN.
  • Experience a safe, structured container, accountability and personalized guidance.
  • Be part of a supportive Community of like-minded women going through the same growth experience

Master Your Money

  • Practice savvy money management, so that you become richer every month and your cash flow is clear, intentional and well-organized.
  • Develop healthy money habits, so that you spend less and save more.
  • Eliminate possible money leaks and focus on money making opportunities.
  • Start “paying yourself first”.
  • Create your own financial ecosystem so that your cash flow becomes automated and you won’t need to rely only on your willpower!
  • Calculate your personal Financial Freedom Number, so that you’ll know exactly how much passive income you want in order to become Financially Independent!

Summary Of 6 Months Curriculum

Here’s a glimpse into your Awakened Money Mastery experience:

Month One
Set the Stage for the Mindset-Body Makeover

Define your vision (your deep dreams and desires)
Uncover your old money story, current money patterns and relationship with money
Release the fear of failure and “not enough”
Reset your “Wealth Thermostat” for your desired FUTURE

Month Two
Create a physical, social and emotional Environment for Success

Unclutter your inner and outer environments
Adjust your interactions with people in your life and set energetic boundaries
Practice being in the flow and normalize your desired future
Draw money and great opportunities to you. 

Month Three
Accelerate your efforts by applying the laws of Abundance

Discover and Practice the Universal Laws of Abundance
Integrate all the knowledge and insights
Apply the principles of the Laws of Abundance
Develop mindfulness rituals 

Month Four
Optimize your cash flow and manage it intentionally

Learn the 4 stages of Financial Fitness and financial levers
Use the “Cash Flow Tracker” to calculate your cash flow
Eliminate money leaks and manage competing financial priorities
Apply financial freedom rules

Month Five
Practice savvy money management

Discover the “debt rules of engagement”
Learn and practice the essential elements of the prudent system for creating & managing wealth
Set up your financial ecosystem to support your financial goals on autopilot

Month Six
Envision your Financial Freedom Lifestyle

Calculate your Financial Freedom Number (FFN)
Estimate your Financial Freedom Date
Integrate your financial savviness and insights in the context of your life

Here’s How It Will Work

  • Every week, you’ll get access to a new program module (in the form of videos, audios and workbooks) via the private training portal
  • You’ll receive recorded guided visualizations to help you create powerful energetic shifts
  • Every week, you’ll have a LIVE mentoring Zoom video call and get laser-focused personalized guidance and mentoring
  • You’ll have daily (Monday-Friday) support in the private Facebook group dedicated to this training


Unpack Your Money Patterns

Online Course (Value $497)

This course is the fastest and simplest way I know to identify and unpack hidden limiting money patterns that prevent you from having the financial success you want.

Creating Prosperity Formula

Online Course (Value $497)

It’s an online course & game that guides you, step-by-step along your journey from “here and now” to “prosperity and freedom.” It is super fun yet very powerful – it will expand your awareness about new possibilities for creating your new prosperous normal.

Your Investment

Before I tell you the investment amount, I want you to understand something….

During our 6-month journey together, I’ll be personally with you every step of the way - with weekly LIVE mentoring calls plus daily support in the private group.   

It’s 50 + hours of my personal time dedicated to YOU!

The current rate to work with me privately is $1000/hour

So, my students get over $50,000 worth of value from working with me directly in this program!

However, I REALLY want to make this training available to as many women as I can.

That’s why right NOW Your Full Investment in the
Awakened Money Mastery,
Personalized Group Training,
is ONLY $7997
*Payment plan is 6 easy payments of $1600 over 6 months

in the last 6 months, i've increased my revenue 5x!

"In the 6 months that I’ve worked privately with Millen, I’ve managed to increase my revenue 5X, started working with a new type of clients (celebrity type clients), and have been able to afford to go to the Millionaires’ club week-long event in Dubai.

I want to highlight the amazingness that Millen brings to the table – the tools, the investor mindset that she taught me as well as her steadfast leadership, faith in me and trust.

I am SO grateful for the work we’re done and the results we’ve achieved together that I’ve signed up to work with her for another 12 months!

If you’re on a fence about working with Millen, my story is a testament of what’s possible."

Transformational Coach and Mentor for Awakened Purpose Driven Leaders


Money Back Guarantee

100% Progress Guarantee

I am confident that with Your Full Participation in this training, your life will get transformed in the most remarkable way (because YOU WILL TRANSFORM).

However, if you do EVERYTHING that is suggested in this training and within 30 days in the program you don’t notice ANY shifts in your awareness and attitude, just email to and we’ll issue a refund.

Cost of inaction…

How has your life expanded in the last 6 months?

How much closer are you to your deepest, wildest dreams?
How much more secure do you feel?
How much more fulfilled? 

If nothing changes today, you'll stay the course.. living for "someday".
Keeping your life in the “dress rehearsal’ stage.”
That may be perfectly fine for a little while, but where does it get you in another 6 months?

Picture it. Feel it. 

Is that the best you want for yourself and can do? 

Or would you prefer to be further ahead?

100% Intentional. Magnetic. Clear. Powerful. Alive.
The kind of woman that inspires admiration and awe.



You can stay as you are: gorgeous, talented, full of potential and promise, with some things still to work out....
It’s not the worst place to be, you are managing just fine.

The question is… 

What is your cost of missed opportunities to have the life you desire?

Is "managing" good enough for you?


The one where you take charge of your financial wellbeing.
The one where you 
become financially savvy.  
The one where
what you have starts working for you
The one where the world finally gets to meet your Goddess version.

And she… Oh, she is glorious. A stunning woman with perfect nails and a full heart.
A woman that offers the best gifts and solves the world’s problems for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, it's always her favorite thing, with her favorite person, in her dream house. 

How did I get so lucky?”, she’ll ask herself. 



In 6 months that I worked with Millen, I was able to attract and establish a very strong partnership with a property investor and founded a business that offers decluttering and renovation services.

I can compare the work I’ve done in the last 6 months to building a ramp that can really launch me into new projects, new ideas, and new adventures. And this ramp is really solid.

Professional Organizer at “Declutter Art”, Inc and Real Estate Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program PERFECT for?

1. The woman who is ready to stop settling and living paycheck to paycheck. 

2. The woman who is ready to let go of the feast-or-famine cycle. 

3. The woman who is tired of money worries holding her back from her dream life.

4. The woman who is ready to start creating lasting financial security.

5. The woman who is DONE playing slave to her money, and is ready to become financially powerful and independent.

Who is this program NOT for?

1. Men.

2. Women who aren’t ready to put in time and focused effort.

3. Women who believe they know everything they need already.

How will this training help me with having more money?

This training is about uncovering your subconscious beliefs, thinking patterns, and behaviors that might be keeping you living in the Survival F.O.G. – Fear, Obligation and Guilt.

Once you clear away this F.O.G - let go of your ‘old money story’, dissolve your sabotaging emotions like anxiety, worries, fear, and guilt, and release money (energy) blocks in your body - then you’ll be able to re-program your Mind-Body Loop for your desired FUTURE, so that you become a woman who can have Personal and Financial Freedom.

I am bombarded with offers to help me create a wealth mindset and I feel information overload. Will this training add to this feeling or decrease it?

I hear you! You’ve likely experienced a TON of free and paid courses on how to become wealthy… yet your financial situation isn’t where you want it to be.

This training is personalized for YOU – it’s designed to help YOU uncover what’s holding YOU back, clarify what FUTURE YOU want to create (for yourself and your loved ones) , and then re-program YOUR Mind-Body Loop from your PAST to your desired FUTURE. .

This training is meant to be experiential, hands-on and practical. At the end of it, you’ll know your Financial Freedom Number, your Financial Freedom Income, and will create your Personalized Mind-Body Reference Guide to use every time you experience doubts, challenges, or setbacks.

Are there payment plans available? 

Sure! I understand that you may have anxiety around your current cash flow.

To alleviate that stress, there is the option of doing 6 monthly payments of $1600 (instead of $7,997 at once) and you must be paid off before the course ends.

P.S. Once you blossom into a true lasting wealth and financial independence, you will never have to worry about investing in yourself again. That alone is worth the commitment.

I don’t know how to manage money how to keep my money. Is this training right for me?

Absolutely! If you have challenges with managing and keeping your money, there are underlying reasons for this…. You’ll be learning and applying methodologies to help you release old money story, change your relationship with money, and re-program your Mind-Body Loop for wealth and prosperity, which is an essential foundation for intentional money management and financial success.

What is your cancellation policy?

I am confident that with Your Full Participation in this training - make time (2 hours/week), stay engaged, and follow all suggested exercises and assignments, your life will get transformed in the most remarkable ways (because YOU WILL TRANSFORM).

However, if you do EVERYTHING that is suggested in this training and after 14 days in the program you don’t notice ANY shifts in your awareness and attitude, just contact my team at and we’ll issue a full refund.

If I am still not sure if this program is right for me, can I talk to you about it?

Yes, you can email your questions to Just write in the subject line "Questions about AMM" and describe what specific questions or concerns you have about this training.