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Winning the Money Game: How to Manage Your Money Effectively

Clarity is priceless whether you consider your authentic professional path, your relationships or your money. There are a lot of courses about finding your authentic self-expression and living your purpose.   Very

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BAD DEBT: HOW and WHY We Create It and WHAT You Can Do to Change the Financial Leak

What is the main blocker of Wealth? BAD DEBT! In this short video I talk about Negative Cash Flow, Bad Debt and HOW and WHY WE CREATE IT! (yes, WE do!) I also share 5 simple steps you can take to

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Lack Is the Inner Condition: How to Quickly Remove the Inner Blocks and Install the Energy of Success

Have you ever had thoughts like “If I had a lot of money, I would…” or “If I had a loving partner in my life, I would…” or “If I only got my business to make consistent 6+ figures, I would…”?   I

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Make Smart Financial Decisions: 5 Reminders for Financially Successful Retirement

You want to have a wonderful, enjoyable, worry-free and fun-full retirement, don’t you?  In my experience, people who manage their finances well and plan for their retirement or financial independence

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Whining or Winning? You HAVE a Choice.

As you probably know, everything has a cause and effect in our physical world… everything! And you often get stuck if you focus only on the effect….   Just pause for a sec and see if it resonates

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