Revealed: Former Wall Street Executive Leads Women to a Life of Wealth, Freedom and Fulfillment!

Millen Livis Reveals the ‘Missing Connection’ that propels heart-centered powerful women (like you) to a Fulfilling and Financially Rewarding Life

Hello there! I am really excited that you’ve made it here because this opportunity can very well be a turning point in your life!

I meet so many different types of women – single, married, divorced, employees, entrepreneurs, housewives, young and middle-aged – who experience financial anxiety, worries and money struggles. And what I find remarkable is that they have something important in common… Something that may also be preventing you from achieving the financial success you desire…..

For instance, Alice, a smart, well-educated woman who, on the surface, appears  to be successful yet feels insecure about her financial future. Her hidden limiting beliefs and lack of financial know-how has kept her from the financial success that was right in front of her!

…and Diana, a bright woman, who found herself in financial ruin and feeling unsafe after her divorce. Routine expenses – paying for groceries and utilities; making rent and car payments – became a battle. Money worries, fear of uncertainty and self-sabotaging beliefs caused anxiety and panic attacks.

… another passionate, talented woman, Joanna, who was so excited about building her own business that she spent all her savings and used several credit cards to pay for her business expenses! Burned out and broke, she felt overwhelmed and had to declare bankruptcy.

… or Kate, who invested a lot of money in the past but, unfortunately, experienced devastating losses with her stock market and real estate investments. She became so paralyzed by the fear of loss that she stopped investing all together and gave up on her dream to become financially free. 

Sound Familiar?

Although the circumstances that I described above may seem very different, I see a common denominator across all of them. You might also recognize yourself in one or more of the women I described. ‘Lacking’ mindset, fear and anxiety often lead to making wrong decisions or not making any decisions! I believe that MONEY IS NOT the CAUSE of struggles but merely an INDICATOR of a missing CONNECTION.

I’ll tell you more about the important connection in a moment…

But first, let me share with you my own story and why you may want to listen to me.

The REAL Story of the Wealth Architect

Sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure IT IS MY LIFE! The truth is… it turned out to be more beautiful and amazing than I've ever expected. I am now known as the Wealth Architect!

Yes, I’ve achieved Financial Freedom; own beautiful homes in the French Riviera and Palm Beach County; travel when I want and choose how much or how little I work….

No, I was NOT born into wealth and didn’t marry a wealthy guy. When I came to the US from Lithuania in 1990, I had NO money and hardly spoke English. Although I held a master degree in physics, my first job was a minimum wage ‘florist assistant.’

I taught myself English and within a year started working for Merrill Lynch as a consultant. For many years I continued working as an executive for major bank and brokerage companies on Wall Street – Dean Witter, Bankers Trust, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche bank – and that’s when I learned how to invest in the stock market. I worked 60-hour weeks while raising a young child. Although I was comfortable financially and looked successful, inside I felt exhausted, unfulfilled and emotionally drained.

In my mid-forties I decided to continue my education and was accepted to The Wharton Business School. After graduating with an MBA degree, I decided not to go back to corporate America and became an entrepreneur. That’s when I learned about investing in real estate.

During that time I had a number of challenges: my business partnership didn’t work out; my marriage fell apart; I got into a devastating car accident; struggled with money and health issues.  It was one of the darkest moments in my life.… I felt overwhelmed, stuck, lost and fearful. In my own eyes, I was an absolute failure.

The pivotal moment that changed my life

It was during my downward spiral in life that I realized that everything I was afraid of came about! My fears of being alone, losing my home, being unemployed and sick… all of my fears actualized!

Fortunately, life had an unexpected twist waiting for me…. I met a magnificent life coach who said to me: “Millen, you will have an amazing life but first you need to learn how to play the ‘inner game’ instead of only focusing on acquiring technical skills and knowledge. Although the financial know-how is important, your ‘inner game’ is going to affect your ‘outer game.’”

When I heard that, the light bulb in my head went on! From that point on, I committed to living deliberately – to be mindful about my thinking patterns and consciously choose what I focus on. Despite divorce, unemployment, money and health challenges, I kept going… in gratitude for whatever I had at that time, while peeling off my limiting beliefs.

I read hundreds of books, became a licensed yoga and meditation instructor, attended dozens of live events with the top transformational masters of our time and my life got transformed in the most miraculous ways!

How I finally became financially free

With newly found awareness of what I was creating with my thoughts, beliefs and intentions, and my extensive investment and money management experience, I restarted my investment business on a strong foundation. I developed a proven money management system, which allowed me to achieve financial freedom in just a few years. 

I often say that I “failed myself forward”. And here I am today, having a blessed life... Not just because of the material wealth I now possess (although it is an important piece of an abundant life) but because now I have FREEEDOM to CHOOSE - what I do, when I travel, how much or how little I work, and where I live.

And the key to the Wealth Creation system that I developed is “The Missing Connection” that is essential for living a truly abundant life.

Let me clarify what I mean here.

Money management and investment know-how are very important to creating and managing wealth. But here’s the catch….

You must be strategic about your wealth building.

  • Just having the ‘technical’ know-how is not enough to become financially free

So many people got burned by jumping into action from a place of fear, insecurity or impatience. They see others making money in the stock market by trading options, futures or stocks and they want to get a piece of the pie too! After all, don’t we often hear the popular expression “ready, fire, aim” from the gurus and business coaches?

The “ready, fire, aim” culture refers to taking immediate action, including simply reacting to something before thinking it through thoroughly. Like everything else in life, this impulsive approach has its good and bad sides.


The “good” aspect of this approach is that you learn quickly what doesn’t work.

The bad aspect…

You may lose a lot of money and, if not careful, end up in bankruptcy.

  • My take on financial success

To build wealth as an entrepreneur you need to master both – the ‘inner game’ AND the ‘outer game.’

The ‘inner game’ is your mindset - ‘the operating system’ of your subconscious mind that includes a combination of your deep beliefs, thought patterns, self-perception and attitude.

The ‘outer game’ is what you do and have - your choices, decisions, actions, skills and tangible assets.

And the secret sauce of financial success is that you must CONNECT the two!

The problem I see is that most trainings about money and wealth cover either one or the other but NOT both. They either teach you about the Law of Attraction and developing a “Money Mindset” OR teach very specific technical skills about advanced marketing strategies or investing in the stock market or real estate.

But they don't go into the BIG picture of what it takes to achieve financial success.

They don't CONNECT the ‘inner game’ of wealth AND the ‘outer game’ of wealth.

They don’t CONNECT the wealth mindset with practical, ‘real world’ wealth-building strategies.

And if you miss one part or both… financial success will keep eluding you.

Vital Connection

Because many people are missing this vital connection, they often get crushed by experiencing bankruptcies, disappointing business endeavors or bad investing experience.

For example:

…They invest in options trading courses, lose money and feel frustrated and lost.


…They work on their “Money Mindset”, read numerous self-help books, meditate, follow the success gurus and still they struggle with money.

  • Because if you don’t have a solid money management and investment know-how, spending hours in meditation and attending inspirational, transformational events with success gurus will not add thousands to your bank account.
  • On the other hand, no matter how skilled you may be at money management and investing, if you come from a place of fear and lack, you will eventually lose….
  • Your subconscious mind is the control center of your success in life and your mindset is its operating system. I want to show you how to remove the viruses and malware that may have infected your ‘operating system.’

You want to make the most of the time you are given here on Earth… and you were meant to thrive, not struggle!

If you agree with me that the ultimate purpose of life is to experience Freedom, Growth and Joy, then you really want to master the wealth building strategies AND the art of aligning your beliefs with your big vision, which will lead you to living a free, joyful and fulfilling life.

My Mission

My mission is to empower my clients - connect the inner game with the outer game - so that they can finally achieve the wealth, freedom and fulfillment they seek!

I do that by offering systematized step-by-step trainings that address BOTH – mastering your inner game AND attaining the financial know-how through smart money management and strategic investing.

  • Activate Effortless Wealth program contains the essential training for your financial success.
  • This 10-week training is specifically designed to help you expand your mind’s capacity to succeed, let go of worries and financial anxiety, stop money struggles and invite more wealth and opportunities into your life. And in addition to this, you will feel more confident, abundant and free.
  • Let me tell you in more detail what you can expect in this exclusive training.


Experience The Most Powerful Techniques and Strategies to Break down Your Roadblocks, Create a Clear Vision and Specific Goals, and Rewire Your Mind to Allow More Abundance, Opportunities and Peace of Mind into Your Life.

Maybe good things come to those who wait, but the BEST THINGS come to those who seize the moment and make it their own!

This 10-week comprehensive step-by-step systematized group coaching program is designed to empower you with core components for achieving financial freedom in your life and the methods to unleash the high potential within you! 

Once you break through limitations and hidden blocks, gain clarity about your vision, learn and practice powerful Laws of Abundance, you will  

  • Activate Effortless Wealth - become a powerful money and opportunities’ magnet
  • Unleash your creativity, feel more ease and flow in your life
  • Experience more harmony in your relationships
  • Put in motion the Energetic Process of Manifesting Your Desired Life

I am NOT going to recycle the ‘you can find them anywhere’ principles of the Law of Attraction, or lecture you on the importance of positive thinking, or do something that you can learn on your own.

This training is HIGHLY hands-on, experiential and practical. I will be unveiling my step-by-step system that will help you not only make as much money as you want, but also feel truly abundant, confident and peaceful.

By learning and applying the principles of the Laws of Abundance, you are going to be better prepared to make smart financial and business decisions. In addition, you’ll tap into the sacred field of Unlimited Possibilities and start creating the highest vision for your life and work.  Yes, you will experience what it's like to unleash your authentic power and become unstoppable!

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This training is designed for driven, heart-centered and committed women, who feel tired of just getting by in life; who struggle with fears and self-doubts; who had enough of feeling overwhelmed and trying to figure out what to do next; who are ready to step up their lives and enjoy personal and financial freedom; who are ready to invest in themselves and take inspired, decisive actions that lead to inevitable success. 


What you’ll learn and experience during this 3-month hands-on and highly-experiential training

You will

  • Uncover what exactly is keeping you from achieving the financial success you desire
  • Assess your current alignment with abundance consciousness and measure progress at the end of the training
  • Manage your emotions to have more energy to be efficient in life, business and wealth building 
  • Learn and practice a proven system to turn your dreams and ideas into reality
  • Let go of your old programming, bust financial anxiety and practice money-attracting habits
  • Discover 6 money-repelling indicators and use them to upgrade your relationship with money
  • Apply the little known Laws of Abundance’ principles for maximum success and prosperity in your life
  • Master your ‘inner game’ to position yourself for making smart financial and business decisions
  • Begin your journey to Financial and Personal Freedom
  • Experience the power of being supported and guided along your path to financial success

In addition, you’ll learn and experience this in a supportive and uplifting environment with other energetic, driven people who will support and help you achieve the results you want.

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How you will accomplish these results?

Here’s what you’ll get:

10 training modules (videos, audios and pdfs) that you will access via private password protected site

‘Kick-off’ training to assess your current mindset, success propensity and energy vibration frequency

Easy-To-Use empowering assignments and journaling in “My Self-discovery” and “My Book of Magic” journals to boost your progress and keep you on track

5 bi-weekly group coaching calls

Private Facebook community “Activate Effortless Wealth” to  connect, share concerns and get support

Two Guided Visualizations’ recording to release your old money story and change your relationship with money

3 Valuable BONUSES that will deepen and expand your experience:

BONUS #1: TWO Tickets to a 3-Day LIVE Workshop in Florida to help you stay on track and encore your new money beliefs and success habits ($997 Value) 

BONUS #2: “Inhale Peace, Love and Abundance” healing group session to help you release tension and anxiety and feel stability about your financial future ($497 Value) 

BONUS #3: “Celebrate Your WINS” PRIVATE farewell session to review and celebrate yourself, your efforts and successes (Value $497) 

Total Value of Bonuses: $ 1,991

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The ‘Missing Connection’ might be keeping you away from YOUR Financial Success

  • It’s not enough to know about the Law of Attraction.
  • It’s not enough to have passion, experience and a strong willpower.
  • It’s not enough to have financial know-how.
  • It’s not enough to have a Big Dream and a perfect business plan.

What you need is a step-by-step system to change your obstructive, limiting thinking patterns and rewire your brain for financial success. This ‘Missing Connection’ will help you make better business and investment decisions in order to succeed with ‘real-world’ wealth building strategies.  That’s what you are going to access in this training.

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Here’s what I know for sure…

If you have a clear vision and believe it’s possible for you; if you develop an abundance mindset, are willing to learn and practice the ‘real-world’ wealth building strategies;  and don’t give up along the way – your success is inevitable!

The ‘stuff’ that stands on your way and prevents you from achieving the desired results is ‘Your Faulty Mind Programming’ – your unresolved emotional baggage; limiting self-perception; self-sabotaging beliefs; subconscious repelling relationship with money; habitual focus on what’s missing in you and your life; ”not-enough-ness” syndrome, fears….

And there is more… perfectionism, procrastination, lack of priorities and focus, constant distractions and inefficient use of your time and resources.

That’s what’s holding you back.

It’s not the lack of time or money. It’s not your partner, or your spouse, or your family. It’s nothing outside of you.

Activate Effortless Wealth training is here to help you break through the ‘stuff’ that’s holding you back from experiencing more wealth, freedom, joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life and business. 

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Quotes for Images

  • “What you hold in your mind, you tend to manifest.”
  • “Think & Live Wealthy.”
  • “Problems Are Opportunities in Motion.”
  • “Measure Your Success by the Amount of Joy in Your Heart.”


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