Your Quick Guide To Emotions and Their Frequency

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” ~ Peter Drucker

Have you ever heard people talk about their energy vibrational  frequency, specifically, vibrational frequency of their emotions, and wondered what they mean? In this post I’m sharing with you a visual guide to emotions and their vibrational frequency codes.

The Emotional Vibrational Frequency Codes were researched by Dr David R Hawkins, and he explains them in more detail in his bestselling book “Force vs Power.” The premise of the book is that we can understand our emotions better when we measure their energetic vibraional frequency and assign them a vibrational frequency code.

As humans, we’re not meant to hold onto feelings for longer than needed. They’re there to serve a purpose. When you hang onto low energy emotions for too long, you’ll find they lower your natural energy. The knowledge of how different emotions effect your energy and state of wellbeing can help you to heighten your awareness about the importance of elevating your emotional state and your energy vibration.

Emotional Vibration Code David R Hawkins

Emotional Vibrational Codes by David R Hawkins. Like this? Pin it to your Energy board on Pinterest

Like this?
Here is an interview with David R Hawkins where he talk about the Sedona Method, releasing feelings and freeing your energy.


What are your thought about the emotional vibration codes? Is it helpful to be aware of them? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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