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Millen Livis

The NOT so GOOD stuff:

  • Witnessed LIVE the horror of “9/11” 
  • Got divorced and lost my house
  • Was jobless and broke
  • Was on the edge of losing my Real Estate Investment business
  • Was deeply depressed and lost
  • Was hit by a car and had a spinal surgery

The GOOD stuff:

  • I am Financially Independent
  • Live 6 months in South Florida and 6 months in the South of France
  • Have Multiple Streams of Income from Multiple Sources
  • Have guided women from all over the world along their journey to Personal Freedom and Financial Independence using my two bestselling books, trainings and retreats
  • Hold a M.S. degree in Physics and an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton Business School
  • Founded "The MILLENaire Method™" - the holistic system for creating Lasting Wealth and Financial Independence

What you’re about to learn literally took me

FROM being broke, broken, depressed, alone, and living in a tiny crappy apartment in Hoboken.

TO being financially independent, happy, and living 6 months in my villa in Rayol, France, half a mile from the beach.

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