From feeling insecure about your financial future
To PEACE, power, and prosperity

Through Mindful and Strategic
Stock Market investing

When you get the Investing know-how,  You’ll be on your way to mastering it.
Make your desire for Freedom
drive your choices -
your future Self will thank you for it!

~ Millen Livis


“Will I be good enough tomorrow?” 

"Will I be liked enough tomorrow?” 

“Will they still be by my side tomorrow?”

“Will there be another opportunity tomorrow?”

“What if I lose everything tomorrow?”

“Even if I get it right starting tomorrow, what if there’s just not enough time?”

“Tomorrow” is a word that comes with a million insecurities.

Most of them are completely irrational.

Many of them are uncomfortably rooted in reality.

Each of them is definitely an unpleasant experience.

And it doesn’t help that they sometimes manage to turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

Do I think your quality of life would be better if you didn’t let these anxieties eat away at you?

Of course I do.

But do I also think that your financial future depends on your full and complete healing on every level?

God, No.

Sustainable wealth is not just for the perfectly healed, enlightened, and supernaturally confident.

Your ability to have the material comforts that you crave, the experiences that light you up, the positive social change that you want to create in the world — none of it has to be about how perfect you are.

Many unexpected things can affect your emotional
balance and your sense of self-worth.

However, with a nice portfolio of savvy investments, none of it needs to affect your bank account balance and your net worth.

For instance, there’s a little thing called the Stock Market.

It doesn’t care whether you have your tribe around you always, or whether your clients are still there tomorrow.

It doesn’t care whether your health is perfect, or if the support of your loved ones is unwavering.

It doesn’t even care whether you’re doing a good job at work that week.


All you’ll need is cash to invest, a little bit of openness,
some structured knowledge,
and focused strategic action.

If you can open yourself to a new thing and are willing to invest into a much more secure tomorrow for yourself and those you love, I’ll gladly help you complete the puzzle with my knowledge and all the guidance you will need to take the right kinds of action in the right sequence.

Contrary to popular belief, neither crazy risks nor mad luck are required.

You, Ms. Powerful, can get exactly where you want to be,
no matter what you’re used to, and no matter what
is going on for you right now.

There is no need to settle for less than you want or accept money restrictions and financial insecurity indefinitely.

There is no need to anxiously watch the ticking clock.

In the fascinating world of Strategic Stock Market Investing, your possibilities are limitless.

And in this strategic investing world, I’d like to be your guide.

Who am I?

I am Millen Livis, a thought leader in women’s financial empowerment movement, international financial independence consultant, best-selling author, investor.

I help women make money work for them so that they can enjoy more Freedom in their lives.  

My clients even refer to me as “Prosperity Goddess”.


But this hasn’t always been my story.


In 1990, I was just another immigrant in the U.S., boldly moving into a new life with zero money and hardly any English skills.

I’d received an advanced degree in Physics back in Lithuania, but that wasn’t the kind of  education that mattered much in my new circumstances. In fact, my first job was a minimum wage florist assistant position. 


Still, I wanted all the things that everybody wants. 

I wanted success and the comforts that come with it. I wanted financial security for my family. I wanted to be proud of myself. 

I needed the right education. I needed the right experience. So, I went all out on both. 

Taught myself English in less than a year. 

Went on to work as a consultant and eventually as an executive on Wall Street. 

Got an MBA from the acclaimed Wharton Business School. 

Became an entrepreneur and an investor. 

Did all of that while raising a child. 


And life was going great... until it wasn’t. 

It turned out, what I knew was only enough  
when life was a smooth sailing....

But then, seemingly all at once, my marriage fell apart, a promising business partnership fell through, and a bad car accident devastated my health and my financial standing....


I was lost. Stressed out. Exhausted. Fearful. Chronically unfulfilled. Hopelessly stuck.

It was pretty clear that I hadn’t been equipped to handle this much adversity. Not personally, and definitely not financially. 

What I did know from previous experience was that knowledge was power, and I wanted my power back, so I heavily invested in gaining new knowledge and awareness. 

It was a big and transformational journey, and not all of it is relevant to our subject matter here, so I will spare you many of the curious details.

What matters is that, among other things, I learned to be not just
an investor, but a STRATEGIC investor, making consistently
good decisions based on methods that had reliably worked
for many savvy investors before me.

And that new skillset has allowed me to create true, LASTING Wealth. The kind that changes lives, and it completely changed the trajectory of mine forever. 

I said goodbye to feast-or-famine. 

I said goodbye to money insecurity.

I said goodbye to any and all doubts I had about creating — and maintaining — Financial Freedom in my life.


Not only is my life mine again, money is finally my humble servant, no matter what else goes on in my personal and professional life. 

All it took was learning how to stop gambling with my money and actually start investing it.

Maybe you’ve been burned trying to gamble with your money. Maybe you’re too scared to even consider investing.

I understand you, I really do.

But to the informed, mindful, strategic investor, it’s not at all a scary thing. 

Curious about how you could become one?

How to leave your worries behind and live a life of peace, power and prosperity? 

I’m at your service.

The way Millen addresses both the practical side of money and the energetic side have helped me so much!

I appreciate so much all I have learned in BFS and your kind but persistent [approach] keeping me on track, and the way you address both the practical side of money and the energetic side have helped me so much!

Laura Donnelly  // the Alexander Technique coach and the founder of “Dancing with EASE”

“Fortune favors 
the Prepared Mind.”

It has taken me years of trial and error, making a few wrong investments and operating from a place of fear and lack to realize how powerful STRATEGIC investing is for creating LASTING Wealth. 

Now, I want to share it with you.


So that you don’t waste any more time staying stuck or “shooting in the dark.”


So that you don’t waste any more of your precious life thinking what you “could have” or “should have” done with your money.


So that you don’t ever need to worry about your financial future.

If you want to create LASTING Wealth and have
multiple passive income streams
but think you’re just “not smart enough”
to understand investing, 
you’re in the right place at the right time.

Because I’ve created a step-by-step, comprehensive investing training to help you Grow Your Wealth
with the Stock Market Investing.


The high-rolling investing gurus will talk to you about stocks and bonds until the cows come home, but is any of it helpful when it feels so uncomfortable overwhelming and, frankly, SCARY? And isn't that why you’ve been putting it off for decades?

I know you like your comfort and security. I know you want to keep them. 

In fact, I want you to keep them, grow them, solidify them. 

That is why I want you to start investing…yesterday!

Because the easily manageable risk associated with the stock market is NOTHING compared to the near-absolute certainty of continued financial and emotional struggle if nothing changes in your approach to money.

Look, I don’t want you to invest your entire savings into some “hot stock” or jump into cryptocurrencies because that’s what somebody else thinks is a good idea.

It’s not how you achieve LASTING Wealth, after all.

But neither is doing nothing and hoping for the best, or waiting for an unexpected windfall like a rich second cousin you never knew you had dying and leaving you a mansion, a Renoir, and a winning lottery ticket.


To create true LASTING Wealth, you’ve got to become a Strategic, Informed, and Mindful Investor.

The Grow Wealth with Stock Market Investing training is perfectly calibrated to get you from 
shaking in your boots at the word “investing”,
to confidently building your nest egg in the stock market.

so you can:

  • Move into that dream house
  • Have worry-free post-work years no matter what
  • Invest in that high-end coach without worrying about the payment
  • Make your money work for you, so you can only work for joy, impact, and bonus points!

Yes, this training will stretch you and, likely,
take you out of your comfort zone. 

But that’s how all important change happens, right?


If you trust me to be your guide, you will experience a significant financial upgrade as well as feel more confident and competent.


Are you ready to become a strategic investor and take control of your financial future?


Are you ready to let go of your fears and anxiety, so you can step into your full power?

Are you ready to be the woman who creates her destiny, and models the same for those around her, ensuring better futures all around?

Cause this world needs women like that right now.

Meeting you was a Gift from the Universe, for me.

Elisabetta Scarabelli  // Entrepreneur, Real Estate investor

5 Months of Immersion in the Stock Market Investing Strategies and Powerful Research Tools 

Discover and integrate strategies and powerful research tools to secure the key to your wealthiest future as an informed and confident stock market investor.

By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly WHAT you want to invest in, WHY it is a wise financial decision, HOW MUCH to invest in what asset, and just WHEN to sell.

And you know as well as I do that knowledge 
is indeed great power. 


Once you get accepted into the comprehensive Grow Wealth with Stock Market Investing Training, you will get access to some REALLY juicy, practical, time- and market-tested investing knowledge.

Curious about exactly what is on the menu? 

Read on for a quick breakdown!

Stock Market Investing

* * * * *

I realize this could be your very first venture into wealth building through investing.

Of course it’s out of your comfort zone. 

But that doesn’t mean your comfort zone can’t expand FAST, and this module is where it all begins. 

We’ll start out by talking about benefits and risks of stock market investing and have a conversation about YOUR personal financial goals. 

You’ll discover (or refresh) the SIX Golden Rules of Wealth Creation and Money Mastery and will learn a powerful tool that ALL wealthy people have used to reach an affluence phase in their financial lives.

Also covered: most common asset classes, most common financial products available in the stock market, and important financial lingo. 

This first power upgrade will help you understand the content of the training easier and feel competent when you watch financial news or talk to finance professionals. 

Stock Market Investing

* * * * *

In this training module you’ll discover major differences between Trading and Investing (many people use these terms interchangeably – wrong!). You’ll learn about making a decision for YOUR investing objective for the Stock Market Investing. Not somebody else’s. 


Then you’ll get a better understanding of available stock investing choices by discovering the THREE categories of stocks and different investment styles that correspond to these different stock categories. 


You’ll also discover the SIX aspects of the framework for Stock Investing – something you’ve got to be aware of BEFORE you start investing in the stock market.

Finally, I’ll share with you the THREE powerful methods to evaluate your stock candidates and we’ll dive deep into one of these methods in this training module! And you’ll learn about FOUR categories all companies are divided into, so you’ll have an additional level of diversification slice to keep in mind. 

Introduction to Financial Statements
and Financial Analysis

* * * * *

Ready to feel a little bit like a stock market pro?

In this module I’ll introduce you to THREE most important financial statements that ALL corporations are required to file and market analysts use.

This knowledge will help you understand and use the second of the three methods for analyzing the stocks you consider buying. No need to ever consider “hot tip” gambling with your money – you’ll know just WHY a particular stock candidate belongs to your financial portfolio.


You’ll discover two main metrics that determine the financial strength of any company. 

Then I’ll share with you FIVE most important metrics and ratios to identify fundamentally strong stocks. 

After this training module you’ll never see the stock investing as scary or unfeasible for you.


to Technical Analysis

* * * * *

By now you’ll be ready to learn the third powerful method for analyzing stocks! You’ll discover how to understand stock price charts and trends.

You’ll learn about support and resistance levels in stocks’ price charts and how to use it in your stock analysis. Sounds fancy, as it should, cause you’re playing on a very different level now!


And you know what? Just so we REALLY cover every tool you might need, I’ll throw in the THREE most commonly used technical indicators that you, too, can add to your toolbox.

While nothing is guaranteed in ANY investment (as in life in general, am I right?), these important indicators make it a lot easier to get the signals you’ll need to confirm your informed stock buying and selling decisions.  

Investment Styles and
Risk Management Techniques

* * * * *

In this training module you’ll discover THREE Investment Styles – Growth, Income and Value - and objectives based on YOUR PERSONAL factors like an investment time horizon and risk tolerance. You’ll also become aware of the role of various investment strategies in your specific investment portfolio.  

Then you’ll learn about super important Risk Management tools that will help you be a mindful investor, avoid devastating losses, and grow your investment portfolio exponentially overtime. All successful investors know that risk management is the most important aspect of investing. And you’ll learn how to determine your own risk tolerance!

Finally, I’ll share with you an overview of the bull and bear markets
 -- it’s fascinating!

Growth Investing: WHAT

* * * * *

Shall we dive deep into specific metrics for Growth Investing? Learn to identify some great stocks to make your investment portfolio grow faster so that you can reach your financial goals sooner than you thought possible.

You’ll use the stock analysis methods that you’ve learned in the previous modules to determine WHAT to buy, which is one of the most important aspects of the investing framework.


I’ll also introduce you to “buy-and-hold” and “trend” investing strategies so you’ll understand when to use which one and why.

Finally, I’ll share with you, step-by-step, how to build your own diversified stock portfolio by identifying best Growth stock candidates for it.

Growth Investing:

* * * * *

In this training module you’ll continue to apply the powerful research methods you’ve learned as we go even deeper into investing for Growth and discuss WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell stocks, HOW MANY shares to Buy (using a stock and portfolio risk calculations), and how to protect your portfolio from big losses.

You’re getting the hang of this by now.

And that... That feels GOOD. ;) 

Value and Income Investing

* * * * *

Stocks can do more than just grow your money for you.

A well-diversified stocks portfolio provides you with consistent income, as well. 

In this training module we’ll look closer at specific strategies to buy Value and Income stocks that will help you achieve just that. 


However, before we look at the specific metrics of these investment styles closely, I’ll share with you the Benefits and Risks of both.


By the end of this training module you’ll know exactly which metrics to look at when you want to analyze value and income stocks that you consider adding to your portfolio.

Funds and Bonds

* * * * *

Yes, we’ve taken our sweet time with stocks, but they are not the only financial instruments available for you in the Stock Market.

That’s why in this training module we’ll switch focus
from Stocks to Funds and Bonds.


You’ll now learn about the difference between money markets
and capital markets and discover the pros and cons of financial instruments like Mutual Funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds),
REITs, Index Funds, and Bonds.


After this module you’ll have a MUCH better understanding of all the various investment options available for you in the Stock Market!

Secret to Building

* * * * *

If knowledge is power, is it really any surprise that most stock brokers and investment letter publishers would keep the most crucial piece of information from you?

Because of course they do. 

And it’s the single most important factor that determines your long-term LASTING wealth. 

And after this training module, it may still be an industry secret, but it won’t be a secret to you anymore!

Preparing for Retirement

* * * * *

A big part of why we’re doing this at all is to secure your financial future, no matter what else may happen later on in your life.

So, in this training module we’ll discuss specific practical suggestions for best ways to manage your personal financial priorities.


I’ll share with you the SEVEN habits to practice in order to successfully prepare for retirement.

And you’ll discover FOUR factors to help you expedite your Financial Independence (aka successful retirement).

Retirement Plan Options

* * * * *

It’s pretty clear by now that you can plan for your retirement as an individual.

But did you know that you also had the option to grow your retirement nest, tax-free or at least tax-deferred, as a small business owner? 

In this training module, we’ll go over the pros and cons of all the various plans available to you, making sure that you’re clear on which option would work best for you.

While I’ll refer to the retirement options available in the U.S, similar plans exist in other countries under other names such as a superannuation plan in Australia and New Zealand, an RRSP in Canada, a 401(k) in Japan, and a pension scheme in the United Kingdom.


* * * * *

By this point, you’ll be very capable of managing your money yourself.

But what if you don’t want to? Or what if you’d like a second opinion from a licensed financial professional now and again?

In this module, we’re taking a closer look at outsourcing decisions and the THREE options to consider regarding managing
your investment funds.


You’ll discover the three specific situations when you might consider hiring a financial professional instead of managing your investment funds yourself.


I’ll also share with you the FOUR important aspects to keep in mind when you’re choosing a financial advisor and FIVE charging methods used in financial services.

Finally, you’ll get a list of questions to refer to
as you choose your financial advisor.

for Financial Success

* * * * *

In this last training module of the course, you’ll put it all together
and get a “financial checkup.”

I’ll guide you through a hypothetical investment portfolio calculation.

You’ll follow along the Financial Discovery case study and use this exercise to calculate the same TWELVE important financial numbers
as used in the case study but as they pertain
to your life and your financial goals.

And to finish it all off? We’re creating a simple 3-step Action Plan.

Armed with all the powerful knowledge and now a concrete plan, you’ll find your future looking much, much less uncertain.

 All in all, 14 Training Modules




Each month, you will receive 3 of them, with a mix of video, PDF, and Resource sheets, plus additional supporting information and an Action Assignment.

(VALUE: $3000)

care to know what else
you will be getting?

24 Mentoring Group Calls:

There will be a call every week, regardless of whether there’s new material or not. This is because I want to give you plenty of personalized attention to help you dig deeper, course-correct quickly, and learn from the experience of others. 

(VALUE: $24,000)

6 Months of Group Support on Facebook:

Every participant will be added to a private Facebook group, so you can have extra access to me, but also so that you can experience all the support and connections with other brilliant and ambitious women. It’s been said that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with. With this group, you can be sure your average adds up to greater focus on what you truly want and everything that is possible for you.

(VALUE: $10,000)

6 PRIVATE 1:1 sessions:

I want to give you my outmost attention so you will feel that you are in the most supportive learning environment you’ve ever had!
That’s a promise.

(VALUE: $6,000)

Accountability and Support:

This program will not just help guide you through your stock market training, but will also give you extra accountability and support, so you go through your financial transformation with less stress and effort.

(VALUE: To the person who is fine being accountable to themselves? Not much. To someone who actually needs someone else to show up for? Possibly the whole farm.)

Weekly Integration:

Each month you’ll have 1 extra week to allow for complete integration (no new training delivered). Not only will you get the tools and tutorials, you will have the opportunity to use them, calibrate them to your unique personality and circumstance, and truly make them your own before we move on.

(VALUE = THE LIFETIME VALUE OF THE ENTIRE PROGRAM, because what isn’t implemented, isn’t too useful, is it?)


As an informed, strategic and MINDFUL investor myself, I pride myself in only betting on the companies that I’d be proud to publicly affiliate myself with.

Hypothetically speaking, I could make money with Monsanto stock.

I don’t.

The world they’re contributing to is not the kind of world I want to live in or pass on to our children. 

With your investment in this program, you can be sure that none of the money will ever find its way to funding unethical companies and their activities.

Additionally, on top of the donations I regularly make as an individual, I have pledged to give away a portion of the proceeds generated by the sales of this program, as a company. 

The beneficiary? 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. 

It’s a non-profit pediatric treatment and research facility that focuses on children’s leukemia and other types of cancer, and it costs $2.8 million a day to run. 

No, we probably won’t be able to fund their typical Thursday. 

But a mindful investor recognizes the value of individual contribution. 

And for this initiative, my company’s contribution is also your contribution. 


I can now own my life of significance

Since working with Millen, I have been enabled to empower my thinking, empower myself and to start walking into being a money amplifier. 

I can now own my life of significance and feel it as I begin to work on it. Thank you for your loving support Millen. It has changed my world.

I truly appreciate you and the value you have added to my life.

Janine Shapiro  //  Healer and Mindset Mastery Mentor


And Unlock FOUR Additional bonuses - Get Access to the
Dare to Change Life Collection
(VALUE $1,988)

As my esteemed client, you’ll get access to some of my most popular online programs.

These trainings have guided hundreds of women around the world from fears and money insecurities to remarkable transformations in their financial and personal lives.

Unpack your money Patterns
(VALUE $497)

You’ll work with the most comprehensive list of money-blocking patterns that get people financially stuck and keep them in a “Survival Jail” for too long. In this short and impactful 5-video (with transcripts) training, you’ll uncover embedded thought patterns and money habits that don’t serve you and block the flow of abundance into your life. Then you’ll install wealth amplifying patterns and money habits by following the suggested training.

Unpack Your Debt
(VALUE $497)

You know that debt adds enormous stress into your life. It drains your money and your energy! And you may have to “unpack your debt” before you build your real estate empire or at least know how to get it under control. In this 5-video (with transcripts) training you’ll get SPECIFIC steps and guidance to eliminate debt and live Debt-FREE ever after!

Creating Prosperity Formula
(VALUE $497)

Do you want to clarify your BIG Vision and map your important milestones for your pathway to Prosperity? This deep-dive 4-video (with transcripts) training will guide you, step-by-step, along your journey from “here and now” to “your prosperity and freedom.” This training is SUPER FUN and WILL REALLY TRANSFORM your financial future!

Multiple Streams of Income Powerhouse
(VALUE $497)

ALL wealthy people have multiple Sources of Income and multiple Streams of Income.

This program is your opportunity to not only become aware of EIGHT sources of Income, but also to identify various streams of income from these multiple sources that you want to add to your current income, decide which ones you want to focus on first,
then get into ACTION!


In just 6 months you will...


…become an informed, mindful and strategic investor

…have the knowledge and strategies to Grow Your Wealth with the Stock Market Investing

…have levels of confidence and competence with your stock market investments that you only dreamed of until now

…get closer to your goal of being Financially Independent

…make your money work for you, FINALLY

…experience peace, power, and prosperity


Think about it. 


If nothing changes today, you stay the course…

…Living for "some day".

…Thinking that you’ve got to learn how to invest your money in the Stock Market… “some day.”

…Dreaming about making your money work for you…“some day.”


Where will it get you in another 6 months?

By joining the Grow Wealth with the Stock Market Investing training, you will get lifetime access to Millen’s most popular programs as well as her Personal Guidance.

Imagine yourself in just 6 months being….

Confident. Clear. Powerful. Competent. Magnetic.

All I’m asking for is your commitment. 

[I Feel] inspired and encouraged about the possibilities I can create for my future

Millen’s Create Prosperity Formula training was full of great tips, and fun creative ways to explore my relationship with money.

Her generosity of time & presence created a supportive and engaging atmosphere. The structure she provided led me from a standstill with my finances, to knowing what my next steps are, and to feeling optimistic, inspired and encouraged about the possibilities I can create for my future.

Beth Budesheim  //  Intuitive Artist & Healing Practitioner

“Yes, but what if it doesn’t work for me?”

Let’s see. 


You’ll get one of the most comprehensive Stock Market trainings out there, that includes resources and tools for successful STRATEGIC investing.


Add personalized mentoring by the person who has been a successful stock market investor for over 25 years, taking herself from living on a minimum wage to splitting her time between two beautiful residences in two different countries. 


Throw in strategic implementation tasks, extra time to complete them, AND PRIVATE 1:1 mentoring, so that you don’t fall behind. 


Put it all into a group setting, so that everybody involved has a built-in support system they can rely on, in case they don’t have one already. 


Use all that on YOU - the brilliant woman with the combination of skills, talents, and desires that is absolutely unique to this world!  

The variables in this equation are the miracle of you and your commitment to getting the results you want. 


But, amplified by the solid structure of the comprehensive training, personalized mentoring and support by the experienced successful investor, do you honestly believe that combo could fail? 


As far as I’m concerned, the answer is a resounding “No”. As long as you commit. 

Commit to yourself.
Commit to your own vision.
Commit to this training. 
Commit to the learning and the implementation.

That part is on you. The rest, we’ll take care of together.

This training was yet again an EXTRAORDINARY contribution to humanity

I am determined to keep my family protected from [bad] debt and focus on building my empire. Like you, Millen, I have moments where financial freedom is just a dream, but I am determined to get that dream my reality, no matter what, just like you did. This training was yet again an EXTRAORDINARY contribution to humanity.

Elisabetta Scarabelli  //  entrepreneur


The investment in this comprehensive powerful training this year is ONLY $7997 or 6 payments of $1600 per month.


EXTRA Private Mentoring Sessions
(VALUE $2000)

You will get TWO EXTRA PRIVATE sessions of support with the implementation of your investment portfolio

Millen creates such a supportive, encouraging environment.

I was in the [MSIP] course with several other women. Millen creates such a supportive, encouraging environment. Trying new things can feel risky, and thinking about money can be challenging. Millen creates a space and gathers a group that in a very short time becomes a supportive cohort. People cheer each other’s successes and everyone grows in the way that fits their life and situation.

Laura Donnelly  //  the Alexander Technique coach and the founder of “Dancing with EASE”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is included again?

Who is this program PERFECT for?

What is the breakdown of the training modules?

Do you guarantee any results?

Who is this program NOT for?

It’s a little too expensive for me. Are there payment plans available?

I have not said “Thank you!” enough.

Millen Livis is a gift to humanity. <She> has impacted my life spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, by her encouragement and clarity. I have not said, “Thank you!” enough.

Heidi Stefan  //  Detox Support Counselor, Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches, Inc.

The Bottom Line

It takes knowledge, patience and determination to get rich. And no one on Wall Street is going to do it for you. 

But you can. 

With the right knowledge and a bit of patience, you actually can. 

And don’t you think you MUST?

To take care of yourself, so that neither your government nor your children ever have to.

To take care of others, just like you’ve often wished you could, as much and as often as feels good to you.

To effect social change, both through how you build your wealth AND how you use it.

It may not be what you’re used to.

That’s OK.

I promise it’s a new reality that you’ll find pretty enjoyable to acclimate to.

 To your Peace, Power, and Prosperity! 

DISCLAIMER: The information stated above is based on my personal experience and my clients’ results. Please understand shared results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any “how to” information and doesn’t apply it, gets little to no results. I’m using the references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All wealth building efforts entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. 

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT register for this training.  At the end of the training, I may be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with me to get the next step you their journey to creating financial freedom. This is completely optional.  

If you don’t want to work more closely with me, you can leave without buying anything.  

The training will be holding NOTHING back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.