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Money Mindset Traps

Your Money Coach or Financial Advisor Never Told You

I Had to Figure This Out On My Own


You feel like you’ve tried everything to make, to keep, and to grow your money - only to realize that you’re still stuck in the exact same place.

After pouring your precious time and energy, and a small fortune into trainings from prominent financial “gurus”, are you still struggling
to create the life you love?


Enough of this nonsense!

Minimum wage florist’s assistant turned millionaire investor reveals ways to achieve personal freedom and financial independence that are congruent with YOUR natural design and YOUR unique soul-aligned life path.

What you'll see and hear in this powerful Masterclass is the #1 thing that led me to becoming Financially Independent and experiencing the REAL Freedom of Choice, and what allowed my clients to shift their perceptions of what’s possible for them, build and expand their businesses, and experience major personal and financial transformations.

And I want YOU to create and experience YOUR dream life!

That’s my purpose and my mission.

So, in this Masterclass you’ll discover how:

Trap #1

keeps people learning from prominent gurus but this knowledge never amounts to real transformation in their own lives.

Trap #2

prevents affirmations and visualizations from being effective, and keeps you stuck with unsupportive habits and beliefs.

Trap #3

has you blindly following rigid formulas for success and abundance, and keeps you from creating YOUR OWN unique path to Financial Independence, Happiness and Fulfillment.

If you REALLY want to break FREE
from whatever is holding you back from living your desired lifestyle,
you don’t want to miss this FREE Masterclass!

You’ll discover how to make your unique natural design work in harmony with your values and goals.

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 October 28, 2021

The GOOD stuff:

  • Financially Independent for over 11 years
  • Live 6 months in South Florida and 6 months in the South of France
  • Have Multiple Streams of Income from Multiple Sources
  • Have guided career-driven women from all over the world along their journey to Personal Freedom and Financial Independence using two bestselling books, private mentorship and group trainings using the MILLENaire Method™
  • Hold a M.S. degree in Physics and an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton Business School
  • Founded The MILLENaire Method™ - the holistic system for creating Financial Independence

The NOT so GOOD stuff: 

  • Watched my previous workplace destroyed in the horror of “9/11” 
  • Got divorced and lost my house
  • Was on the edge of losing my Real Estate Investment business
  • Was jobless and financially broke
  • Was emotionally broken - depressed, lost and stuck
  • Was hit by a car and had a spinal surgery

What you’re about to learn literally took me 

FROM being broke, broken, depressed, alone, and living in a tiny crappy apartment in Hoboken.

TO being financially independent, happy, and living 6 months in my villa in Rayol, France, half a mile from the beach.

In the last 6 months, I've increased my revenue 5x!

In the 6 months that I’ve worked privately with Millen, I’ve managed to increase my revenue 5X, started working with a new type of clients (celebrity type clients), and have been able to afford to go to the Millionaires’ club week-long event in Dubai.

I want to highlight the amazingness that Millen brings to the table – the tools, the investor mindset that she taught me as well as her steadfast leadership, faith in me and trust.

I am SO grateful for the work we’re done and the results we’ve achieved together.

Antonina Andreeva