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Shortcuts to Financial Independence


Exclusive private mentorship program to create your personalized roadmap to Financial Freedom, from A to Z. Get personalized support to help you align your mindset with your goals and vision, learn and practice the financial know-how, develop exuberant confidence

Intimate group coaching program to help you end the cycle of financial anxiety; rewire your brain to attract more money and opportunities; expand your mind’s capacity to succeed and become unstoppable in your pursuit of Financial Freedom and fulfilling life

Intimate group coaching program to help you acquire and practice the proven know-how of money management and wealth creation; become confident and able to manage and invest money; attain clarity and develop your personalized roadmap to Financial Freedom   

Live business immersion coaching program to catapult you into a meaningful, fulfilling and profitable business that is aligned with your passions, talents, values and experience. This training is for aspiring coaches, healers and other service providers.

Location: South Florida

Live intimate private retreat to immerse you into experience of prosperity and spiritual nurturing; to expand your alignment with abundance mindset and anchor it by daily mindfulness rituals, journaling, meditation and visualization.

Location: South of France

VIP Day – mentorship time with Millen, personalized according to your goals and needs. You will explore any gaps you may currently experience in your financial situation, business and life; get clarity, guidance and specific action steps to move forward.

Location: TBD