Unpack Your Money Patterns!

Expand your awareness,
make better financial decisions
and increase your confidence.

Do you think you may have some unsupportive money patterns?

If so, you are NOT alone!

Many people do but few are willing to admit it, let alone have an honest look and tackle these money-blocking and money-draining patterns!

Unpack Your Money Patterns!

These patterns were formed from your past experiences and especially the stories you’ve told yourself about these experiences.

These patterns are likely running your choices and decisions around spending, saving, and investing.

Most people would love to have more money, more opportunity, and success but they get caught up in financial “catch 22” year after year… and don’t even know 


How can you change what you are not aware of?

Expanding your AWARENESS about these patterns will help you

make better financial decisions and increase your confidence.

That's what the "Unpack Your Money Patterns" Online Program is about

You will:

  • Uncover your hidden unsupportive money patterns.
  • Determine your current monthly cash-flow.
  • Become aware of the money patterns in your relationships.
  • Discover blessings and lessons in your past financial challenges.
  • Forgive yourself and your foes for financial losses in the past.
  • Up level your motivation and confidence about managing your money.


- You’ll get 
lifetime access to 5 training videos and transcripts through the training portal.

- You’ll receive emails with transcripts and empowering assignments to keep you motivated and moving forward

- You’ll connect to a community of like-minded women & get additional support 


when you stretch your old perceptions of what's possible,

do the exercises, and observe your decision making process.

Adopt the attitude of an explorer and let this journey  

expand and upgrade your financial reality.

Become Financially Powerful!

Elisabetta Scarabelli

One if the most POWERFUL content I have ever heard. Thank you thank you thank you Millen Livis.

Training PArticipant

It has made me aware of a recurring debt pattern that I am in the process of halting. I am feeling more confident in my abilities and in my healing.
My husband and I had a phenomenal Money Date tonight. We have set mutual and are looking at individual goals.Thank you Millen!

Training Participant

One thing that came up for me in this challenge (and that is the 3rd time it came up in the last 10 days in two other different occasions/conversations) is self-love, which I feel I need to improve on. This is a big one as I feel it affect every area of my life.

So this will be my focus of attention now. Thank you Millen.

training participant

My life will change because I will not be blaming and punishing myself any more. So liberating. My family will benefit because I will bring more peace and time with them.

Tracey-Jane HugHes

Thank you. Wow that was powerful & LOTS to think about.

Training Participant

I can now make specific steps and change what I don’t like. I believe I can also be more open about my money with my partner when I know exactly what I am spending the money on feel that it’s absolutely ok to treat myself to seminars. It will improve not only my relationship with money but also with my partner.

training participant

I understand also that I should value me and my work etc. more.

Thank you Millen!

It was a pleasure to watch the videos.

training participant

No more blaming myself, means that I am now open to new financial opportunities! No fear when talking money with my partner.
Such freedom.

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She is a creator of the holistic Wealth Building System, The Millenaire Method”, and the author of two bestselling books, including the popular “A Shift Toward Abundance: Secrets to Financial Freedom.” 

Millen holds a Master degree in Physics and an MBA degree from the prestigious Wharton business school; owns a successful investment company, is a world traveler, and lives in the most desirable resort-like locations in the South of France and South Florida. 

She is passionate about Financial Empowerment of women and is supporting women all around the world on their life-transforming journey to Freedom and Financial Independence.  

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All wealth building efforts entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT register for this training.  

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