When you appreciate your health, your family, having food in your fridge and roof over your head, being able to see, hear, walk…you realize that 


You realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Living Radical GRATITUDE is how you feel more Peaceful, more Powerful, and more Prosperous.

Gratitude is the catalyst for HAPPINESS.

And it must be expressed in ACTION, not just words.

I feel infinitely grateful.

I am loved and love deeply. I created my dream life.

Now I want YOU to create YOUR dream life.   

Anyone who wants to achieve exciting and inspiring goals, especially financial goals, will be able to do it faster and easier with powerful education, guidance and support. 


THANKSGIVING is one of my favorite holidays. And it’s a great opportunity for me to share with YOU something that can turn YOUR life around 180…

Grab my

Wealth Collection

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Here's What You Get in the


(VALUE $297)

This online program is a companion training for the WEALTH PLANNER, which you get as part of the training. It will help you not only organize your thoughts, but also discover some limiting beliefs and unhealthy money patterns, examine cash flow, identify money leaks, and dive deep into your TRUE desires.

You'll define your vision and set specific goals and milestones to achieve it. And you'll finish by writing down your favorite affirmations. This will leave you feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired to become financially independent.

Unpack Your Money Patterns training

(Value $297)

You’ll work with the most comprehensive list of money-blocking patterns that get people financially stuck and keep them in a “Survival Jail” for too long. In this short and impactful 5-video (with transcripts) training, you’ll uncover embedded thought patterns and money habits that don’t serve you and block the flow of abundance into your life. Then you’ll install wealth amplifying patterns and money habits by following the suggested training.

Unpack Your Debt

(Value $297)

You know that debt adds enormous stress into your life. It drains your money and your energy! And you may have to “unpack your debt” before you build your real estate empire or at least know how to get it under control. In this 5-video (with transcripts) training you’ll get SPECIFIC steps and guidance to eliminate debt and live Debt-FREE ever after!

Creating Prosperity Formula

(Value $297)

Do you want to clarify your BIG Vision and map your important milestones for your pathway to Prosperity? This deep-dive 4-video (with transcripts) training will guide you, step-by-step, along your journey from “here and now” to “your prosperity and freedom.” This training is SUPER FUN and WILL REALLY TRANSFORM your financial future!

Multiple Sources of Income Powerhouse

(Value $297)

ALL wealthy people have multiple Sources of Income and multiple Streams of Income. This program is your opportunity to not only become aware of EIGHT sources of Income, but also to identify various streams of income from these multiple sources that you want to add to your current income, decide which ones you want to focus on first, then get into ACTION!

LIVE Support

(Value priceless)

Join my FREE private community of powerful women who are committed to creating wealth and financial Independence. As a member, you’ll get support not only from me but from other like-minded people.

Want to hear from my beautiful clients?

Here’re a few comments from those who’ve worked with me:

I can now own my life of significance

Since working with Millen, I have been enabled to empower my thinking, empower myself and to start walking into being a money amplifier. 

I can now own my life of significance and feel it as I begin to work on it. Thank you for your loving support Millen. It has changed my world.

I truly appreciate you and the value you have added to my life.

Janine Shapiro  //  healer and Mindset Mastery Mentor

[I Feel] inspired and encouraged about the possibilities I can create for my future

Millen’s Create Prosperity Formula training was full of great tips, and fun creative ways to explore my relationship with money.

Her generosity of time & presence created a supportive and engaging atmosphere. The structure she provided led me from a standstill with my finances, to knowing what my next steps are, and to feeling optimistic, inspired and encouraged about the possibilities I can create for my future.


The way Millen addresses both the practical side of money and the energetic side have helped me so much!

I appreciate so much all I have learned in BFS and your kind but persistent [approach] keeping me on track, and the way you address both the practical side of money and the energetic side have helped me so much!

Laura Donnelly  //  the Alexander Technique coach and the founder of “Dancing with EASE”

This training was yet again an EXTRAORDINARY contribution to humanity

I am determined to keep my family protected from [bad] debt and focus on building my empire. Like you, Millen, I have moments where financial freedom is just a dream, but I am determined to get that dream my reality, no matter what, just like you did. This training was yet again an EXTRAORDINARY contribution to humanity.




and SAVE $1,188!

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About Millen

MILLEN LIVIS is a leading authority on creating Financial Independence and Lasting Wealth.

Graduate of the acclaimed Wharton Business School and holder of a Master’s Degree in Physics, Millen combines her traditional and holistic education to guide and mentor the whole person - body, mind and spirit – to become financially savvy and financially independent.

Millen is founder of the Dare to Change Life Mentoring Company, a best-selling author and the creator of The Millenaire Method™ - a holistic system for creating Financial Independence.

In addition, Millen is Financial Independence mentor, investor, entrepreneur, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ practitioner, certified Instant Miracle™ coach and energy healing practitioner, yoga instructor, wealth destination retreats’ host, and a leader in female empowerment.

After turning her life around from being financially broke, emotionally broken, divorced, and depressed to becoming financially independent within 7 years, Millen made it her  mission to share her proven, time-tested formula for achieving financial freedom with women all over the world.

DISCLAIMER: The information shared is based on my personal experience and my clients’ results. Please understand that shared results are not typical, and I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any “how to” information and doesn’t apply it, gets little to no results. I’m using the references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All wealth building efforts entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.

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