The Dialogue

"YES. You can do it. Just start." – she said.
“No freaking way! It’s too much work for you!” – he commented.
“You are capable, and smart, and determined. Trust yourself.” – she said.
“There is too much uncertainty in this project. Why can’t you just be where you are?” – he insisted
“You want to live an inspired life, don’t you? You want to shine and share your light with others

so their journey will be easier, more joyful and glorious.” – she said
“Who do you think you are? A freaking Goddess?” – he said with frustration.
“Who do you think you are not?... YOU ARE the Goddess!” – she insisted.

This is a dialogue between the Soul and the Ego, between Love and Fear, between Courage and Doubt.

Does it sound familiar? It is to me…

I felt this inner struggle when I decided to leave my native country… when I decided to leave my marriage… when I decided to leave my ‘golden chains’ Wall Street career... when I decided to start my own investment company… when I decided to come out of early retirement and become a Wealth Mentor for Powerful Women.

WHEN I DECIDED, the Universe bent over backwards to support me.

And the Universe will bend over backwards to support YOU…once YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE THE GOOD TO WELCOME THE GREAT.

I want to invite you to join us and get aboard the yacht - “Creating Prosperity Formula” A-Starters Course.

I can promise you it will be quite a journey! 

“Millen’s Create Prosperity Formula training, was full of great tips, and fun creative ways to explore my relationship with money. 

Her generosity of time & presence created a supportive and engaging atmosphere. 

The structure she provided led me from a standstill with my finances, to knowing what my next steps are, and to feeling optimistic, inspired and encouraged about the possibilities I can create for my future”

~ Beth Budesheim

This adventure is for you if you are

  • READY to play BIG

  • READY to walk the journey to WEALTH and FREEDOM

  • READY to train your mind

  • READY to train your body

  • READY to upgrade your life

~ Christina Mc Williams

This adventure is NOT FOR YOU if you are

  • COMFORTABLE where you are


  • NOT WILLING to train your mind

  • NOT WILLING to train your body

  • NOT INTERESTED in upgrading your life

Very simple. DECIDE. ACT. EXPAND.

“I loved the way Millen Livis helped to make this practical.

Since working with Millen and especially this programme, I have been enabled to empower my thinking, empower myself and to start walking into being a money amplifier.

I can now own my life of significance and feel it as I begin to work on it.

Thank you for your loving support Millen.
It has changed my world.

I truly appreciate you and the value you have added to my life.”

~ Janine Shapiro

~ Elisabeta Scarabelli

Look forward to meeting you aboard the Prosperity Yacht!
Until then…Stay Empowered!


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