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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #7 – Be strategic with your money

You work hard for your money – whether you are an employee or a business owner – you want to make more money. Right? Well, how about managing your money strategically so that your money works

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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #6 – Shop Smart

Women shop differently than men. In general, women tend to love shopping and many see it as an entertaining activity. They are more likely to make impulsive purchases and often take advantage of special

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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #1 – Declutter your environments

Let’s get tactical and discuss the steps to regain control over your money. Having the right environments is super important. That’s why you hear a lot about decluttering. If you live in a home

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This ONE Thing Could Literally Change Your Life

So, the 2018 is officially over with all the successes, challenges, breakdowns, breakthroughs, changes, and transformations. It’s a NEW YEAR, a NEW AGE and a NEW PARADIGM! And as I heard from one

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Odd Holiday Message

I believe you’re here because you’re not where you want to be financially in your life. Because there’s a gap between your aspirations and your current financial reality. Yes? And I

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Essential #8 for Creating Wealth and Success

Many people were taught that once you get clear on what you desire and align your beliefs with your desires, then you can relax…it will come to you, no need to be in the “arena”…. At least that’s

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