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How to Have Successful Money Dates: 4 Guidelines for the Best Outcome

Last week we talked about making financial decisions as a couple -how to make sure that both partners are actively involved in financial decisions and, more importantly, aware of family financial standing.

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SAVE, SPEND, INVEST: 3 Guidelines for Making Financial Decisions as a Couple

Last week we talked about sharing financial responsibilities as a couple -how to share the common expenses. Today I’ll continue this conversation and talk about making financial decisions as a couple! Managing

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MINE, YOURS, and OURS: 3 Simple Guidelines for sharing Financial Responsibilities as a Couple

Different couples have different dynamics – emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. So, there is absolutely NO “one advice fits ALL” that can be applied to how people should manage their

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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #1 – Declutter your environments

Let’s get tactical and discuss the steps to regain control over your money. Having the right environments is super important. That’s why you hear a lot about decluttering. If you live in a home

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This ONE Thing Could Literally Change Your Life

So, the 2018 is officially over with all the successes, challenges, breakdowns, breakthroughs, changes, and transformations. It’s a NEW YEAR, a NEW AGE and a NEW PARADIGM! And as I heard from one

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Essential #4 for Creating Wealth and Success

What does “Think, Feel, and LIVE Wealthy” mean to you? You might be surprised…but this is the essential #4 for creating Wealth and Success! Yep. That’s right. And before you whisper “phew, I

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