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Regrets. I had a Few.

Are you in love with life? Feeling in love with life takes different forms…. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a walk in nature, reading a good book, or having a glass of wine with people you enjoy

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What You Tolerate, You Worry About.

Today I’m writing to you from a small village in the French Alps…. It’s a healing facility that uses special thermal water sources to help people with various physical challenges (I’m

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Have continuous annoying “What If…..?” thoughts running in your head? Have a challenging time discerning what to do now and what to do next? What to do with your retirement money now? Is it a good

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Vlog 5 Living Through Adversity: How to Manage Your Money NOW

Money is on our minds… a LOT. For some people, concerns about their financial health are as severe as their physical health (or even more.) And it’s not surprising…. Money is one of the main

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Vlog 4 Living Through Adversity: A Simple Yet Powerful Practice to Change Your Emotional State

Today I want to share with you a simple yet powerful practice you can use to change your emotional state… Last week I spoke with a smart professional woman who wanted to know my opinion about her

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Personal Leadership in Time of Adversity: It’s Time to Embody Your Wisdom

We’re living in unprecedented times – the health, economic, and financial adversity we have never experienced on such scale…. There is a colossal human toll, economic cost and financial cost

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