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Everyone has capacity to be financially independent. It doesn't mean that everyone has to or that everyone will be. But everyone has this capacity.

Women who spend their whole lives working to make money.

Women who enjoy FREEDOM in their lives because they figured out how to make their money work for them.

"I'm in the second category and I consult my clients on how to be in the second category as well."

in the last 6 months, i've increased my revenue 5x!

"In the 6 months that I’ve worked privately with Millen, I’ve managed to increase my revenue 5X, started working with a new type of clients (celebrity type clients), and have been able to afford to go to the Millionaires’ club week-long event in Dubai.

I want to highlight the amazingness that Millen brings to the table – the tools, the investor mindset that she taught me as well as her steadfast leadership, faith in me and trust.

I am SO grateful for the work we’re done and the results we’ve achieved together that I’ve signed up to work with her for another 12 months!

If you’re on a fence about working with Millen, my story is a testament of what’s possible."

Transformational Coach and Mentor for Awakened Purpose Driven Leaders


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FROM being a broke immigrant...


TO being financially independent


Every day thousands of seemingly successful women with seemingly great careers, wake up and realize that they’re spending ALL OF THEIR TIME making money and not much of their time actually enjoying lives.

It’s POSSIBLE to be Financially Independent and live your life on YOUR terms –
spend more time doing what you want, when you want, from wherever you want, without wondering how to afford things.

Take a look at the 4-part strategic process I developed that takes women
FROM worrying about money, retirement and financial future
TO becoming financially independent, enjoying the FREEDOM 
and not having to worry about money again.

MILLEN LIVIS is an expert in Wealth and Finances. She shares timeless principles and a proven step-by-step process to shift your thinking and actions to abundance and financial freedom.

International Radio Talk Show Host

A Shift Toward Purpose 

This book will

  • Answer the question WHY you search for purpose and meaning
  • Talk about HOW to discover the most authentic career choice for YOU
  • Help decide WHEN to make the change
  • Describe the Best Ways to TRANSITION to a new career
  • Share important COMMUNICATION secrets in order to be successful and respected at work

A Shift Toward Abundance

This book shares how to

  • Empower yourself in order to achieve financial freedom
  • Make better financial decisions
  • Get rid of mounting debt
  • Apply simple rules of financial freedom
  • Use a prudent system of wealth creation
  • Bonus: 10 powerful guidelines for achieving financial freedom

365 Moments of Grace 

This book shares

  • Messages from Our Soul & Beyond
  • Physical Shake-Ups & Near-Death Experiences
  • Everyday Grace
  • Loving Grace
  • Divine Interventions & Timing


"6 months ago I was feeling completely disappointed and frustrated with the job I was in – I just received a rejection for my pay rise request. Not only I felt trapped at this job, I also felt that now I have a very thick [salary] ceiling.

So, with this situation, I decided to join Millen’s private coaching because she said that she would help me achieve [desired] results faster than I think is possible.
In 6 months that I worked with Millen, I was able to attract and establish a very strong partnership with a property investor and founded a business that offers decluttering and renovation services. All of that within only 6 months.
Also during this time, I established some very important [mindfulness] habits that are strongly ingrained in my daily life now.

I can compare the work I’ve done in the last 6 months to building a ramp that can really launch me into new projects, new ideas, and new adventures. And this ramp is really solid.
So, I couldn’t recommend more this private program, this partnership with Millen, if you want to achieve results in a very fast way. Thank you so much, Millen."

Professional Organizer at “Declutter Art”, Inc and Real
Estate Investor

Never let ANYTHING that happened in the past stop you from living fully NOW and consciously creating your desired future.



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