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What Is More Risky than Investing?

Today, I’ll share the 5 “things” that are MORE RISKY than investing! Would you agree that many people think that investing is risky? These folks avoid investing using all kinds of reasons

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How did THAT happen to ME – Personal Sharing

Let me share with you today a short story that got me traveling along my timeline. “I just received 137 thousands Euros inheritance from my mother!” a friendly neighbor, married middle-age woman who

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The 8 Surprising Reasons People Don’t Become Millionaires

To be financially successful, you’ve got to know how to: Make money. Keep money. Grow money. There were times in my life when I was good at #1. And there were times when I was really bad at it. And

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Play to Win and Surrender

  Today, I chose to write about some lessons I learned from my journey…and share them with you! My journey to Financial Independence transformed EVERYTHING about my personality, my views on success

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Where Is Your Focus

Today I’ll be brief… We have time…but it’s not infinite.   Life is often a mix of pain and pleasure,  tragedies and triumphs,  picks and valleys,  laughter and tears,  leaps

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You Have The Power

I recently had a conversation with a new private client who said something like that (I’m paraphrasing): “I’ve never made the commitment to myself of such magnitude. It feels…uncomfortable, even

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