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The Dumbest Decision I’ve Ever Made

I’m sure you’d agree that nobody’s perfect and we all have our quirks… One of mine is… well, I am direction-challenged. When we just bought our first house in New Jersey (with my now ex-husband)

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Your Expectations Cause Your Misery

You probably heard this: “Expect the best, and you get the best”… Some personal development gurus assert that you should EXPECT Success. I recently saw this “Expect Success” post in a Facebook

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Rant of a Wealth Creator

“I have savings, I have a brand new Range Rover, a house, Iphone 11… I have the “toys” I want…but I don’t feel free. ​ I still have to work hard for my money every day…even though I now

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Odd Holiday Message

I believe you’re reading this because you’re not where you want to be financially in your life. Because there’s a gap between your aspirations and your current financial reality. Yes? And

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Your Big Badass Dream Plane & THREE Levers to Upgrade Your Financial Life

What would it take for you to feel wealthy? How many millions? Or maybe just having “more than enough”? How many homes/yachts/planes? Or maybe just having more choices? How many children/husbands/lovers?

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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #3 – Pay off your debt

Do you or someone you know is dealing with a mountain of debt? Paying off your Debt is Key #3 to regain control over your money! Here’s the NAKED TRUTH: You either MASTER your Money OR get MASTERED

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