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Competing Financial Priorities: 3 Human Biases About Money

Fin I recently saw the statistics that 60 % of baby boomers are more afraid of running out of money in their retirement than they are afraid of death. Millennials are buying cryptocurrencies, often using

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Bitcoin, Blockchain and Your Investment Strategy

I recently heard about a report that stated that 30% of millennials would invest in bitcoins instead of stocks (I refer to established, successful publicly traded companies) in order to secure their retirement.

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Life Defining Moments: How They Change the Trajectory of Your Life

“I am sorry, but your baby girl is unlikely to survive.” I was in my early 20s, a young mama who just received the worst possible news after being in excruciating labor pain. My then husband was miles

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The 7 Best Financial Planners and Trackers

If you’re planning for more abundant 2018, you’ll need some simple and fun tools to help you.  Financial planners and trackers are some of the best tools to plan your prosperity. Specifically,

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Working with Financial Advisers and Why You Must Become Financially Empowered

My intention and my mission is to shift the money game from an “adviser-centered” model to a “customer-centered” model. Let me clarify what I mean here. You have likely used, are currently using

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Become Financially Powerful!

BECOME FINANCIALLY POWERFUL! A unique opportunity to experience full immersion wealth retreat in my private beautiful villa Sunset in the South of France.

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