Hello, I’m Millen Livis, financial independence mentor. I help professional and entrepreneurial women become financially independent faster than they believed possible!

By using my holistic system for achieving financial independence

Many people feel that Financial Independence is just a pipedream. But there is a REALISTIC pathway to Financial Independence. And you don’t need to win a lottery, or marry a wealthy partner, or kill yourself at work to get there!

It simply requires that you change your thinking and learn how to make your money work for you instead of just you working for your money.

I like to think strategically about money and make my own financial decisions.

Strategic thinking, financial education, and aligning my choices with my values and goals helped me turn my life around and become financially independent.

I now do what I want, save and invest what I want, live by the beach in South Florida and in the South of France, and travel the world.

However, my life journey was anything but linear – it has taken me through many high picks and a few low valleys….

I had to cross the

River of

Although I was able to create and live an American dream after immigrating to the U.S. from Lithuania – had a prestigious Wall Street career, a beautiful house in the suburbs, a family – I LOST IT ALL. And not once, but twice.

And so, after being divorced, jobless, financially broke, and emotionally broken (deeply depressed and suicidal), I was able to completely transform my life.

That’s how the MILLENaire method was developed – by reverse-engineering my personal and financial success.

That I cannot create the life I desire by constantly REACTING to life situations….

I had to learn how to manage my PRESENT while thinking, planning and acting STRATEGICALLY so that I create my desired FUTURE.

My personal and financial transformation shaped my Values and Beliefs.
THAT helped navigate along my own journey from depression, destitute and despair to personal freedom, higher level of consciousness and Financial Independence.

I BELIEVE you deserve the Freedom to choose where you live, what you do, when you work, how you spend your time and your money.(see my Story 1: Conform or Get Out?)

I BELIEVE your formal education will make you a living; however,  the self-education will make you a fortune when you have the right training and the right mentor. (see my Story 2: The Things Women are NOT Supposed to Do)

I BELIEVE that learning how to become financially independent is 50x easier than raising children. (see my Story 3: There's Only 1% Chance Your Child Will Live)

I BELIEVE that Waiting and Hoping without Acting will keep you poor and dissatisfied. (see my Story 4: Why Women Compromise?)

I BELIEVE money is a Choice-Multiplier and your current relationship with money reflects your beliefs and your money story. (see my Story 5: From Comfort to Sacrifice to Compromise Again)

I BELIEVE busy professional women learn better from busy professional women who “have been in the trenches” and succeeded…because women think, feel and invest differently than men. (see my Story 6: Surviving in Corporate America in the 90's)

I BELIEVE that we all have access to an amazing resource of power within – intuition. (see my Story 7: The Ultimate TEST of My Convictions that Saved My Life)

I BELIEVE money is NOT the source of your security...YOU ARE. IF…you develop a Wealth Mindset and keep expanding your awareness and skills. (see my Story 8: My First Business - The Good, The Bad and The Shift That Changed Everything)

I BELIEVE the biggest RISK a person can take in life is to settle for “being and having less than she desires” - stay in the “comfort zone” and keep the status quo. (See my story 9: My New Beginning)

  • Think strategically about your money so you act as a wealth creator and amplifier  
  • Determine your Financial Freedom Number so you design a strategic plan to achieve your Financial Independence
  • Become a strategic investor so you make your money work for you and enjoy more Freedom and choices in your life
  • Feel competent and confident about creating your desired financial future

I would love to be your mentor and guide on your journey.

I’ve dared to change what wasn’t supportive in my life.

It was scary to leave my marriage after 22 years, but it felt right.

It was scary to leave my Wall Street career to explore new possibilities.

It was scary to go for an M.B.A. degree at Wharton Business School while in my forties.

I share this with you to emphasize that achieving Personal Freedom and Financial Independence requires ACTION to make it POSSIBLE.

I ‘failed myself forward’, but you don’t have to!