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5 Ways to Reduce Fear of Investing and Position Yourself for Financial Success

  While I am still getting treatments at the trauma-specialized facility in the rural part of central France and pick up mushrooms when I have some breaks, Stock Markets are booming… My own stock

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My Take on Cryptocurrency Investing – Now and Then

If you pay any attention to the financial news over the last week or so, you know that there has been a significant correction in the “crypto world.”  A couple of days ago one of family members who

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How to Overcome Fear of Investing

As you may know, I believe that developing a wealth mindset and understanding the metaphysical laws of money and abundance are the essential elements of creating Financial Independence.  However, being

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5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Investing

I was recently asked in my private Wealth Building For Powerful Women group: “How can I overcome the fear of investing?” And because it’s such a common block for many people, especially after experiencing

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3 Common Misconceptions About Investing

Have you EVER invested your money and had an “investor remorse,” like “hmm, was it a good idea to invest? Maybe I should have waited….” Or maybe you’ve had some cash in

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To Diversify OR NOT to Diversify PART 2: the Danger of Over Diversification and How to Avoid It

When it comes to diversification, some beginner investors get confused about the degree of diversification they need to maintain in their investment portfolios. After all, there are SO many choices out

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