My story as an investor didn’t start out as an epic success. Yes, I was once a Wall Street executive who was earning a six-figure salary, yet I made a few investment missteps along the way. Investing a lot of money in a single hot stock, hiring an investment manager blindly, depleting my retirement fund — these costly mistakes taught me to appreciate the importance of strategic investing and knowing the investing game. Thus, my investment expertise is not based solely on theories and gut feel but rather on extensive personal investing experience.

This short “Money Investing” e-book contains articles I have written over the years on how to gauge whether you are ready to invest, how to hire an investment advisor, how to invest your money strategically and manage your investment risk. You will also find answers to vital questions such as: When to invest? How to Invest? What to Invest in?

Your Pathway to Wealth and Freedom is

a Transformational Journey.

Know the boundaries of your comfort zone
and practice getting out of it with

small steps and smart decisions.

Successful investing requires knowing yourself as well as knowing the value of your investments. There is no singular linear investment path leading to creating wealth. However, if you are committed to your financial goals and are equipped with solid investing strategies and techniques, your success is inevitable.

The Journey to Making Money Work for You
Is Not for the Faint-hearted.

The “Money Investing” e-book has useful insights on what kind of investment opportunities you may consider, various techniques on how to grow your wealth and ideas for multiple sources of income. These tips will help eliminate the guesswork out of your money game, so you can simply follow the steps and watch your net worth grow!

Do You Want to Be a Successful Investor?

Of course, you do!

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  • Build Wealth with Successful Investments

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Millen Livis is a gift to humanity.
Millen is very generous with her time and energy, sharing her vast life experiences and strengths, empowering me to become a better human being.
Millen has impacted my life spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, by her encouragement and clarity. I have not said, “Thank you!” enough.
Heidi Stefan, B.A. Detox Support Counselor