Dare to Change Life Coaching & Mentoring | {WAITLIST} Be Mindful Investor


is a 4-day online Masterclass about socially-responsible investing on the stock market.

is a 4-day online Masterclass about socially-respons​ible investing on the stock market.


desire to vote with their money for something
that they VALUE and BELIEVE in
while growing their wealth

By the end of this hands-on training you will know: 

  • What is Mindful Investing, Socially responsible Investing, Responsible Investing, and a few other terms for this form of investing,

  • Why it’s a good investment strategy to invest mindfully, 

  • What universal metrics are currently used to measure the degree to which company or basket of companies comply with Mindful Investment strategies,

  • How to start investing mindfully in the U.S. (samples of responsible investments for US financial Markets),

  • Important practical suggestions for investing in the financial markets,

  • Investing Mindfully in England, Canada and Australia.