Dare to Change Life Coaching & Mentoring | Bitcoin Training | Cryptocurrency Masterclass

is a 4-day online Masterclass about socially-respons​ible investing on the stock market.


Want to learn about the new world of MONEY 2.0 : Bitcoin, Alternative Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

By the end of this hands-on cryptocurrency masterclass you will know: 

  • What Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain means

  • Why cryptocurrencies are here to stay 

  • The process of mining Bitcoin

  • How Bitcoins are used and basic Bitcoin units of measurement

  • How to buy/sell and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • Types of cryptocurrencies’ exchanges and wallets

  • Role of cryptocurrencies in your Investment Portfolio

  • Risks associated with investing in Bitcoin, alternative “cryptos” and cryptocurrency-related stocks

  • Important considerations for investing in the cryptocurrencies