10 Common Money Blockers


Your subconscious beliefs act as FILTERS in the way you process incoming information, perceive life situations, and feel about yourself and what is possible for you. To a large extend, your beliefs are reflected in all your life experiences, including money and wealth.

There are certain beliefs you have that make you do things in a certain way that may not be serving you, yet you keep doing it….

Remember the expression


Unless you understand what you are doing (often unconsciously) and why, you’ll have the inner blocks that will slow you down or prevent you from achieving your goals. It’s if you were pushing on the breaks and the gas at the same time. It’s not the way to win the game of life and the game of wealth.

In this “Busting 10 Common Money Blockers” mini-class, you’ll learn:

  • 10 most common money blockers that you’re not even aware of.

  • Ways to bust these money blockers for good.

  • Simple method to dig out your hidden sabotaging limiting beliefs.

  • Easy and potent exercise to install empowering beliefs.

In addition to this short video training,
you’ll get to download a worksheet with
the training content and exercises

Your self-sabotaging beliefs are thought-forms of energy that have lower vibrational frequency and are associated with low-frequency ‘negative’ emotions like fear, sadness, shame, guilt or anger.

To get in a flow of abundance, you need to raise your vibrational frequency and match the frequency of abundance and your desires.

Spend some time mining out your old self-sabotaging beliefs (your old conditioning) and replacing them with new beliefs that will support your desires, your vision, and goals. Yes, you’ll need to do some digging but it will be so worth your time!

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