Passion and Purpose!

The driving forces behind everything I do

It's Never Too Late 
To Become Financially Independent:

Your Wealth Planner Now!

Passion and Purpose!

The driving forces behind everything I do

It's Never Too Late 
To Be Financially Independent:

Your Wealth Planner Now!


  • End the cycle of financial anxiety and change your relationship with money from repelling to attracting
  • Master financial know-how to help you make good financial decisions on your own
  • Become unstoppable, confident and capable in your pursuit of financial freedom

Most importantly, I can help you achieve a deep sense of SECURITY about your financial future.

As long as you choose to be free, you can do anything!

My mission is to support women who are ready to turn their BIG DREAMS into reality.

My Background

Following the Path That Led Me Here

Before becoming an entrepreneur and a coach, I worked for major Wall Street companies as an information technology executive. I was very comfortable financially, with my 6-figure salary but it didn’t feel right. I wanted more meaning and fulfillment.

It wasn’t easy to step out of my comfort zone, but I followed my ‘FEEL GOOD’ compass and, at some point, made the decison to re-invent my life, on my terms. I'm now a successful business owner, happily married and have an awesome daughter.

Spirituality and mindfulness have played an integral role in my life. I’m deeply grounded in spiritual principals and practice yoga, meditation and visualization. These practices help me feel grounded, grateful and humble and keep me aligned with a higher perspective and abundance consciousness.

My Money Story

My Relationship with Money Had a Rocky Start...

I have an amazing and blessed life –a loving family, beautiful homes in gorgeous places, meaningful work and financial freedom. But it was not always like that…

I was raised in a working middle-class family where money was scarce. As a child, I was taught to work hard and earn my success. As a result, I learned how to rely on myself.

This was a tremendous blessing that continues to serve me to this day, but it also had a downside. I was constantly exposed to disagreements and uneasiness involving money. There never seemed to be enough of it! As you can imagine, I started associating money with negativity, fear and stress.

Later in life, it seemed I had it all. I had money, a beautiful family and a comfortable home. Naturally, my friends were surprised when I told them I felt stuck.

Yes, deep inside I was suffocating.

I was working 60-hour weeks and commuting three hours each day. Even worse, my first husband and I were living separately under the same roof. It soon became clear that our marriage was over.

I felt exhausted, unfulfilled and confused.

My Journey To Personal 
& Financial Freedom

Learn From My Experience & Create Your Own Wealth

It was during my downward spiral in life that I was fortunate to meet a life coach who told me that the challenges I was going through would pass, that I can and will have a joyful and abundant life IF… I master my ‘inner game.’

Once I realized that I needed to change my beliefs about money and what’s possible for me, I allowed a mixture of faith, risk-taking and ambition to take over, driving me to becoming financially independent. I've learned all I could about the abundance mindset, money management and investments! I learned how to develop a confident, loving and respectful relationship with money. And I built a meaningful and successful business.

Anxiety and resistance are typical reactions to change, but investing in my education, taking strategic risks and developing exuberant confidence have led me and my family to the blessed life we live today.

Yes, I dared to change what wasn’t working for me. It was scary to make the decision to leave my marriage after being together for over 20 years, but it felt right, and still does. It was also challenging to quit a very comfortable, six-figure job to explore new possibilities as an entrepreneur. Besides all these changes, I decided to go back to graduate school for an MBA degree while in my forties.

I share these personal details with you to emphasize that achieving financial freedom, along with change, is not always easy… yet possible! I can honestly say that I ‘failed myself forward’!

If you are clear about your vision for life, willing to do the work and won’t give up along the way – your success is inevitable!

I live what I teach. And I would love to help you achieve the life of your dreams!

It's Your Turn! 

Choose Yourself: You CAN become financially powerful

I invite you to choose yourself and find the courage and determination to change what is not working in your life. It’s your time to live life on your own terms!

Do you know what prevents you from living a life free of money worries and anxiety?

Would you like to gain clarity and develop an action plan for achieving financial independance in your life?

Download your wealth planner - your first step to living the life on your terms.