“I’m on My Way!”

Financial Independence Training Track 

Wealth Planner
Companion Training


This online program is a companion training for the Wealth Planner, which you get as part of the training. It will help you not only organize your thoughts, but also discover some of limiting beliefs and unhealthy money patterns, examine cash flow, identify money leaks, and dive deep into your TRUE desires.

You'll define your vision and set specific goals and milestones to achieve it. And you'll finish by writing down your favorite affirmations. This will leave you feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired to become financially independent.

Unpack Your
Money Patterns


In this online program you will uncover hidden unsupportive money patterns and examine current monthly cash-flow.

You'll transform unhealthy money patterns in your relationships, discover blessings and lessons in past financial challenges, forgive yourself for past mistakes and losses so that  you move forward with confidence and reignited enthusiasm.

Unpack Your Debt



In this online program, you will uncover whether you developed an addiction to debt, learn how to CHANGE your beliefs about YOU and DEBT, receive guidelines, resources and support to ACT on your desire to be DEBT-FREE IMMIDIATELY, forgive yourself and focus on possibilities.

How much time will it take you to repay your debt if you start now? As quickly as YOU allow it!

Creating Prosperity Formula


Have you noticed that every time you achieve a certain level of success, you experience a pull back? In this fun and empowering online adventure, you will elevate your mental PROSPERITY thermostat and learn how to play BIG.

You’ll sail aboard the yacht “Creating Prosperity Formula” and rehearse your journey to Wealth and Freedom. Yep, you’ll train your mind and your body to receive and normalize thousands and millions.

You’ll start taking decisions from a place where you want to be, learn about and decide which options for growing wealth fit you best. This training is the ACTIVATION of your transition to Prosperity. 



ALL wealthy people have multiple Sources of Income and multiple Streams of Income.

This course is your opportunity to not only become aware of EIGHT sources of Income, but also to identify various streams of income from these multiple sources that you want to add to your current income, decide which ones you want to focus on first, then get into ACTION!

This training will be a game-changer if you’re committed to creating multiple streams of income so you grow your wealth exponentially.

Strategic Thinking Lab


The Strategic Thinking Lab is a great opportunity to start contemplating "what will be" while managing "what is."

The ultimate goal is that you get inspired to move into action with discernment and clarity of strategic thinking and priorities.

This course will help you “make your own luck” by planning your way to your vision of the life you want to live.

Awakened money mastery

LIVE Program

Your current financial reality is a reflection of your current conditioning - money beliefs, habits and familiar behavior.
By installing and practicing the empowering money beliefs and habits,
You can go...
From constant money worrying and experiencing a replay of your Past,
To winning the money game and living your desired Future.

If you’ve been stuck in constant money worries,  sporadic cash flow and anxiety about your financial future, and want to take control of your money, so that you have more money with less stress and less risk, Awakened Money Mastery is a great training to accomplish this.

Maybe good things come to those who wait, but the BEST THINGS come to those who seize the moment and make it their own!