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What Others Say About Millen:


Millen Livis is a gift to humanity. Millen is very generous with her time and energy, sharing her vast life experiences and strengths, empowering me to become a better human being. Millen has impacted my life spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, by her encouragement and clarity. I have not said, “Thank you!” enough.

~ Heidi Stefan


Millen brings together an interesting mix of feminine wisdom, clear logic, assertiveness and humility in all of her interactions. With her warmth, intelligence, diverse experience and passion for ‘Dare to be the best you could be’ message, she inspires other women to reach the goals they set for themselves.

~ Sharon Keller, Golden Bear Realty, LLC


Using laser-like energy, Millen gives her full attention to your issue and stays with it until a satisfactory resolution or conclusion is reached.

Open minded, yet direct and honest, Millen balances objectivity with compassion. It is a joy to work with her!

~ Mary L Holden


Millen’s story really intrigued me… And she is very intuitive and see things in you that you may not even know about yourself.
I really enjoyed Activate Effortless Wealth program – it was completely unique, easily digestible and had a lasting impact on me. Millen’s program re-wired me, it changed me for better. And I didn’t think I needed to be changed…

After I finished the program, things in my business started happening out of nowhere – dream clients popped up and accepted my higher fees!  I really didn’t expect how quickly this program will reset my mind…I can say I’m 1000% better now, after going through this training. 

If you’re thinking about Activate Effortless Wealth, I’d say “Go for it!” This is really good stuff and you’re going to get a lot from it. If it worked for me – someone who is not into LOA and not spiritually inclined – it’s going to work for you even if you believe in the ‘woo-woo’ stuff only 1% or 0% like me.

There is something about the way Millen is teaching… her style… her language… her content... and how it all comes together that effects your mindset in a profound way.

~ Sarah Arrow, Content Strategy Director at Winner Consulting


Millen, I feel so honoured to be in this group. A powerful woman like you...talking to me, helping me and believing in me.
Extrapolating myself from where I was has not been easy, but I did it and you helped a lot along the way.

I now KNOW that by the end of this program I will be a completely different and wealthy person. I thank God for having send me you.

~ Elisabetta Scarabelli

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