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Vlog 1 Living Through Adversity: Keeping a Wider Perspective

The word CRAZY describes well our reality right now. We experience major disruptions in our lives… unprecedented disruptions. The human toll, the health scare, the economic crisis, and the financial

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BE THE LIGHTHOUSE – Your people need you!

We all experience exceptionally high levels of anxiety…that lead to fear and panic… Fear waves are coming from every corner of our lives… Concerns about health, especially “high risk” groups

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Six Lessons to Boost Peace of Mind and Happiness

Today I want to share with you some insights from my time off the grid. A few months ago I felt a deep desire to make time for my inner expansion – to focus on refining my  awareness, honing my focus

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Wealth Creation Starts with YOU.

In the last week post, Benefits of Intentional Living, I promised to tell you how I started living intentionally and briefly shared with you the rough patch I went through a few years ago – the

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Benefits of Intentional Living

It’s a brand new year and… a new decade! Woo-hoo! And, most likely, you have new big goals you want to accomplish this year and beyond – fitness goals, financial goals, career goals, personal goals,

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The 7 Best Financial Planners and Trackers

If you’re planning for more abundant 2020, you’ll need some simple and fun tools to help you.  Financial planners and trackers are some of the best tools to plan your prosperity. Specifically,

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