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3 Common Misconceptions About Investing

  Have you EVER invested your money and had an “investor remorse,” like “hmm, was it a good idea to invest? Maybe I should have waited….” Or maybe you’ve had some

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Story #9: My New Beginning

Before I met my coach, I had never looked at my life from the inside out. And frankly, I never realized how important that was for creating true Success, Personal Freedom, and Financial Independence. For

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Story #8: My First Business – The Good, The Bad, and the SHIFT that Changed Everything

In 2004 I started my real estate investment company called Grand Values LLC. I wanted to offer grand values for everybody – for my partners, for myself, for society. So, I invited people who knew

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Story #7: The Ultimate TEST of My Convictions that Saved My Life

At the time I applied for admission to the Wharton Business School, I was working for a female boss at one of the major Wall Street firms. Let me just say; my boss had a reputation for being REALLY hard

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Story #6: Surviving in Corporate America in the 90’s

In 1992 my parents re-united with us in the States…. My father had liver cancer and died four days after his arrival…. Before he died, for the first time in my life, he said, “I love you, and

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Story #5: From Comfort to Sacrifice to Compromise Again

After the confrontation with my husband’s mother, we had our talk…. I said to him: “You know…if you decide to leave – it’s up to you, if you decide to stay – it’s up to

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