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How to Overcome Fear of Investing

As you may know, I believe that developing a wealth mindset and understanding the metaphysical laws of money and abundance are the essential elements of creating Financial Independence.  However, being

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There Are Two Categories of Women. Which One Do You Put Yourself In?

  Do you feel like time flies faster and faster, or it’s just me? Is it my age or the age we live in? Or both? LOL I’m spending my last week at a healing facility in the French Alps. I

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What You Tolerate, You Worry About.

Today I’m writing to you from a small village in the French Alps…. It’s a healing facility that uses special thermal water sources to help people with various physical challenges (I’m

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5 Tips to Overcome Fear of Investing

I was recently asked in my private Wealth Building For Powerful Women group: “How can I overcome the fear of investing?” And because it’s such a common block for many people, especially after experiencing

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3 Common Misconceptions About Investing

  Have you EVER invested your money and had an “investor remorse,” like “hmm, was it a good idea to invest? Maybe I should have waited….” Or maybe you’ve had some

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Story #9: My New Beginning

Before I met my coach, I had never looked at my life from the inside out. And frankly, I never realized how important that was for creating true Success, Personal Freedom, and Financial Independence. For

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