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13 Money Lessons your Kids are NOT TAUGHT in Schools.

Did you have a great experience in school when you were young? I had a mixed one… and very little of what I was taught was important for my success in life. You see, some kids have a great experience

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To Diversify OR NOT to Diversify PART 2: the Danger of Over Diversification and How to Avoid It

When it comes to diversification, some beginner investors get confused about the degree of diversification they need to maintain in their investment portfolios. After all, there are SO many choices out

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Wealth Building Mini-class series: To Diversify or Not Diversify? Part 1: 3 Benefits of Having Diversified Investment Portfolio

I recently received a promotional email from Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and a legendary Real Estate Investor. The Headline of his sales page brought my attention

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How to Have Successful Money Dates: 4 Guidelines for the Best Outcome

Last week we talked about making financial decisions as a couple -how to make sure that both partners are actively involved in financial decisions and, more importantly, aware of family financial standing.

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SAVE, SPEND, INVEST: 3 Guidelines for Making Financial Decisions as a Couple

Last week we talked about sharing financial responsibilities as a couple -how to share the common expenses. Today I’ll continue this conversation and talk about making financial decisions as a couple! Managing

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MINE, YOURS, and OURS: 3 Simple Guidelines for sharing Financial Responsibilities as a Couple

Different couples have different dynamics – emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. So, there is absolutely NO “one advice fits ALL” that can be applied to how people should manage their

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