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Personal Money Ecosystem

In one of my masterclasses, I was teaching the Money Mastery Masterclass where we covered 5 habits of wealthy successful people. One of the habits was “maximizing your current cash flow.” Cash

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Observations From the Training With a Billionaire

I recently attended the intense trainings with the billionaire, real estate mogul, New York Times bestselling author, business genius, and TV personality (e.g. the popular ”Undercover Billionaire”

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Save On Taxes, Protect Your Wealth

Today I want to share with you some very powerful stuff about saving your taxes and protecting your wealth. I bet you heard the phrase “In this world nothing can be certain, except for death and taxes.” Would

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What Is More Risky than Investing?

Today, I’ll share the 5 “things” that are MORE RISKY than investing! Would you agree that many people think that investing is risky? These folks avoid investing using all kinds of reasons

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5 Ways to Reduce Fear of Investing and Position Yourself for Financial Success

  While I am still getting treatments at the trauma-specialized facility in the rural part of central France and pick up mushrooms when I have some breaks, Stock Markets are booming… My own stock

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How did THAT happen to ME – Personal Sharing

Let me share with you today a short story that got me traveling along my timeline. “I just received 137 thousands Euros inheritance from my mother!” a friendly neighbor, married middle-age woman who

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