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How To Experience Lasting Peace, Joy and Abundance

“What would you like to receive for Christmas and Hanukkah?” my husband asked.   He meant what material gift I would like to receive… and I am not sure whether he was relieved or surprised when

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Live Deliberately: 5-Step Formula to Maximize Your Chances for Success

Last week I shared with you some effective techniques to use for creating and embodying a VISION for your dream life. Today let’s explore HOW you can effectively set goals and objectives that will maximize

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How YOU Can Increase Your Chance For Success By 10X?

“Big thinking precedes great achievement.” ~ Wilferd Peterson You want to achieve Wealth and Financial Freedom, right? Let’s assume for now that you have passed the fear, self-doubts and

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Raising Your Money-Savvy Child

Teaching financial values and responsibilities early in life could prevent dangerous financial traps and promote positive money habits. From personal experience with my own family members and friends,

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How To Activate Your Success Blueprint

“Measure your success by the amount of joy in your heart.” ~ Millen Livis   Although the definitions of success are subjective and differ for different people, everybody wants to be successful

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Year 2015 In Review: My Wins, Lessons, Pains and Goals

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius Last week I shared with you beautiful lessons from 3 feminine leaders. Today I want to share with you my own year-end review. As

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