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How To Activate Your Success Blueprint

Written By Millen Livis

“Measure your success by the amount of joy in your heart.” ~ Millen Livis


Although the definitions of success are subjective and differ for different people, everybody wants to be successful in life. There are a few character traits that distinguish really successful people and ‘wannabe rich and famous’ ones. Courage, authenticity, confident decisiveness and perseverance, passion, discipline and willingness to take risk are to name a few.


But there is another quality that I think is very important for ‘success blueprint’ and that is owning your decisions. Just like everybody else, successful people fail a lot and that’s how they learn what works. They ‘fail themselves forward’, don’t give up, and don’t blame circumstances, luck, economy or market. They TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions and accept the consequences.

Own Your Decisions


As much as it is important to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, it is equally important to take ownership for all your choices, decisions and actions and assume responsibility for the consequences of your decisions and actions instead of whining, complaining and blaming others.


If you cannot afford to buy a house or a car at the moment—accept it and focus on the things you can afford and can do. Appreciate them wholeheartedly. If you cannot take a dream vacation right now because you are responsible for paying your student loans—accept it and keep your dream alive.


Not being able to have something or experience something at this time in your life doesn’t mean that you will never have it or experience it. It simply means that you must be deliberate with your ways of thinking (since you attract what you focus on) and keep being excited but patient about the timing of your dreams.


Accepting your current circumstances, allowing yourself to be OK with what you have and what you do and appreciating it all will help you release inner tension and stress, avoid envy and self-sabotage and receive that which you desire.


When you were in school, the grade of ‘A’ meant that your performance was excellent. In the school of Earth, you can put yourself on a similar ‘A’ program by following the tenets of Accept, Allow and Appreciate:


  • Accept your current circumstances
  • Allow yourself to let go of guilt, shame and comparisons
  • Appreciate yourself and your ability to open to new ideas, opportunities and actions

Never Give Up


When you drive a car from point A to point B, you know it takes time to get to point B. You accept the fact that distance and time are aspects of travel. While you may wonder what will happen on the road, you believe in your ability to reach point B.


Although you may encounter a delay or two, discouragement doesn’t enter your mind. You accept the effort that this journey requires and continue moving toward your destination.

Your life journey—from where you are now in your life to where you want to be—requires similar confidence, patience and determination. Your feelings are your inner guidance system.


Trusting your feelings will help you achieve greater alignment with abundance consciousness. If what you feel, do and have brings you an experience of joy, love and harmony then you are moving in the right direction.


* Some of the text is taken from my upcoming book “A Shift toward Abundance.”


To Your Health, Wealth and Freedom!

With Love and Gratitude,




Millen Livis

About the Author

Millen is a Wealth architect and Financial Independence Coach, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. Being a Possibilities' Catalyst, she uses her intuition, business, and investment expertise to support entrepreneurial women (like you) who want to master their money, live their purpose achieve financial prosperity and freedom. With her physics and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, money management know-how, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching skills, Millen has a unique ability to guide and support clients in achieving extraordinary success in their lives.

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