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MEGA TRENDS in the Crypto World

Written By Millen Livis

In this article, I’ll talk about multi-billion dollar markets that will make some people very rich.

And since “a trend is your friend”, it is worth your while to pay attention to these MEGA trends and decide if you want to take action on your knowledge.

Frankly, I’ve been skeptical of cryptocurrencies for a long time…

In the past, I’ve struggled with what it is. 

I couldn’t grasp how to value cryptocurrencies….since it is simply a programming code and doesn’t have the underlying assets like gold or business…

And for every popular coin like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are hundreds of other coins serving various purposes (or none at all). 

Investing.com lists almost 10,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation worldwide. In 2013, it was less than 100.

Frankly, cryptos are some of the most polarizing assets out there. Some people glorify them… others think they are worthless. 

By the way, all the financial advisers I spoke to, don’t advise their clients to invest in cryptos… for various reasons. 

Some just don’t understand this asset class, others don’t recommend it because they don’t get compensated for this kind of investment outside of the stock market.

You see, I can value a stock. Behind a stock is a business with sales, earnings, tangible assets, and so on. At the very least, you know value exists because many of these assets can be liquidated if needed.

Cryptocurrencies are harder to value, especially digital assets. Prices can swing fast in a market that’s always open.

For instance, bitcoin was around $3,500 per coin in 2019. In 2021 it hit its all-time high at $68,990. Yet twice during 2021, it dropped to about $30,000. Those are some big swings!

Still, crypto has seen widespread interest and increasing adoption by major companies. 

The list of companies that embraced cryptos includes PayPal, Block (formerly Square), Tesla, JPMorgan Chase, and many more. This is a world that’s quickly becoming impossible to ignore.

Underneath the hood of the crypto world lies a fascinating financial ecosystem that’s funding new ventures and projects.

Thru the use of Blockchain Technology, crypto world became a hub of innovation.

Crypto world is an evolving disrupter to Wall Street, to traditional central banks like the Federal Reserve, and to the global fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollars and euros.

Crypto World MEGA Trend #1:


NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. 

And the most important word here is “Fungible.” 

If something is “Fungible,” it means it can be easily exchanged for something of equal value

A perfect example is fiat currency: the U.S dollar is fungible. 

It doesn’t matter which dollars you have, as long as you have any dollars in the appropriate denominations. That’s fungibility.

Non-fungibility simply means that something cannot be easily exchanged or substituted. For example, Leonardo Davinci’s Mona Lisa is non-fungible… 

Because the Mona Lisa – and all original artwork for that matter – is non-fungible. It’s unique and can’t be readily exchanged or substituted.

When we look at NFTs, it’s the same idea. Each NFT is unique. 

And ownership for that NFT is represented with the use of blockchain technology.

One of the biggest usage cases for NFTs is digital collectibles – the next generation of art and collectibles, powered by blockchain technology.

Some NFTs are now valued for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars!

Digital artist Beeple — aka Mike Winkelmann – created a digital collage of 5,000 individual artworks that he produced over 5,000 days.

And the sale price for this collage? Over $69 million. 


This sparked a wave of investment in a special kind of tokenized asset — non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

NFTs are digital assets that are cryptographically secured and authenticated on a blockchain

We can think of these as digital collectibles.

They can include video clips, individual works of art, other items purchased in digital worlds… 

Even NFTs with their physical counterparts can be linked to items inside video games…  

It may sound like science fiction that is a little…crazy.

I understand why you might think that way. 

But try to keep an open mind!  Because dismissing the NFT MEGA trend as crazy, would mean passing up on one of the most exciting investing trends of the next decade.

NFT collectible can go with you everywhere. You can share it on social media or display it on your phone. 

For example, it’s becoming popular for celebrities to use their NFTs as avatars on SM platforms, like Twitter.

The forecast is that the NFT market could be valued at $100 Billion as soon as…this year!.

And the best part is that we don’t have to buy these digital collectibles… There’re easier ways to profit from NFTs….

Crypto World MEGA Trend #2:


NFT artwork is part of a larger technology MEGA trend known as “Tokenization.” 

The easiest way to think about tokenization is to compare it to the process of securitization.

When a company is securitized, the value of that company is represented as public shares. This is the entire foundation of global equities markets.

The Tokenization trend has a similar idea. 

It’s a process of authenticating a claim of ownership on an underlying asset. 

The first difference is that Tokenization process is accomplished by using blockchain technology. 

And so, virtually ANY asset in the world can be tokenized and traded.

Imagine a piece of property like a house. 

Usually, one person would be the sole owner of that asset. Maybe your spouse is also on the title, but that’s usually where it stops.

But if we were to tokenize that home, fractional ownership could be available to hundreds or even thousands of token holders. 

Obviously, the value of the tokens would fluctuate, similar to fluctuation of the shares of publicly traded companies.

That’s just one example. 

Next… Imagine tokenizing commercial property, jewelry, racehorses, and rare cars. Anything of value can be tokenized and traded.

So, tokenizing assets – whether they are digital collectibles or physical assets – is the next trend in the crypto world. 

Most people think NFTs are just those digital artworks that you might have seen in the news. But digital art is just a small segment of that market.

NFTs allow us to track ownership of any digital asset, not just digital art.

We have more and more proof that the world is becoming digital.

And the applications of NFTs will expand well beyond digital art and collectibles.

Bitcoin was the very first major blockchain application. 

NFTs and tokenization are the next evolution of blockchain technology.

It could be even bigger than Bitcoin, bigger than Ethereum, and bigger than the entire crypto market.

And to participate in this trend, you don’t even need to buy the NFTs but instead just buy coins that are tied to NFT projects!   

Crypto World MEGA Trend #3:


Metaverse, often referred to as Web 3.0, is a virtual world, an online space in which we can live, work, shop, meet friends, attend concerts, travel, and have fun… all without leaving the house. 

And NFTs are a bridge to the Metaverses!

Now… There are two misconceptions about the Metaverse trend…

The first misconception is that there’s just one Metaverse. 

That’s NOT accurate.

There are MANY Metaverses, and they are very diverse. 

Some will mirror the physical world, apply geography – major cities and states. 

Others will represent fantasy worlds, created by… the Metaverse users themselves.

And yet others will allow us to “live” in space as a multi-planet species.

The second misconception about the Metaverse trend is that this is “just a video game.” 

What makes THAT Incorrect is the economic aspect of Metaverses. These virtual worlds have property rights! 

You can buy land – represented as an NFT – and develop this “land” the way you want! It’s already happening in the Metaverse known as The Sandbox.

So, these virtual worlds also have active economies and their own currencies! 

For example: 

The cryptocurrency for The Sandbox is the digital currency referred as SAND. 

In the Decentraland Metaverse, it’s the digital currency (or the cryptocurrency) called MANA. 

And of course, you can always exchange these cryptocurrencies for other cryptos like Bitcoin, or Ether, or even fiat currencies.

What you’ll start seeing more and more is that people are going to transition to the Metaverses to conduct some of the activities they would typically do in the real world… 

For example, finding work. 

There are people who are quitting their jobs now so that they can play-to-earn Metaverse games, full time! 

Metaverse called Axie Infinity rewards winners with the native cryptocurrency, AXS.

Another metaverse – The Sandbox – is also a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Its primary token (aka cryptocurrency) is called SAND and it can be used to buy digital plots of land, or purchase other game assets… or customize an avatar. 

And listen to this… SAND tokens can also be staked to earn passive income, which might be additional SAND tokens or other types of tokens required for asset creation. 

By the way, assets in the Sandbox Metaverse include things like people, animals, and tools).


I realize this whole Metaverse concept may sound to you like a science fiction…or a new craze…

It sounded like that to me as well… at first!  

But it’s NOT!!! 

It’s a new reality that is already here…

We’re entering a world where a person’s full-time job could be managing a storefront in a Metaverse! 

We’ll be able to attend conferences, go to meetings, and catch up with our friends and families… in the Metaverses.

As you probably know, in 2021, Facebook changed its parent company’s name to “Meta” – short for “Metaverse.”  


Because Facebook/Meta sees the potential for the Metaverse, and it knows it needs to catch up, so it could create its own Metaverse, collect all of the user data, and capture all of the revenues and profit.  

However, according to many experts on this topic, the most successful Metaverses will offer monetary incentives to its users and incorporate “real life” economies into their worlds. 

In other words, participants will be able to engage in activities that can result in income.

Bloomberg estimates that the Metaverse economy will be worth $800 billion by… 2024.

Now… I don’t know about you but I feel a little overwhelmed when I think about how much will change in our lives in the years ahead!

The Sandbox, Decentralworld, Meta Platforms (aka Facebook), and many others are racing to create completely virtual worlds for us to work, shop, gamble, play, and socialize in.

Even Zoom will further augment their services with advanced graphic overlays. You’ll be able to use avatars so that you’ll be represented the way you want to, while you’re wearing your pajamas and have your hair messy.

In Metaverses, you’ll be able to have multiple avatars, depending on which Metaverse you’re hanging out in.

By the way, what will your avatars wear? After all, they will be representing… you! 

That opens up a huge opportunity for the Fashion industry in the NFT market – in the form of non-fungible tokens in the world of Web 3.0! 

High-end brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, and many others are jumping in into the Metaverse business! Morgan Stanley assessed the value of this luxury NFT market at 50 Billion Euros or more by 2030.

Some NFTs will be purely digital… Others will be sold with a physical components.

And the more time we’ll spend in digital worlds, the more important our avatars will become. Because they will be representations of who we are AND how we want to be “seen.”

All right…I recognize that this kind of things might feel like a crazy silly phantasy world… but it’s not.

This is going to be part of our culture, whether we like it or not… 

It’s already happening. 

And investors who get in early will see the biggest… fastest gains.

Innovations and new technologies will evolve to support the Metaverses –  technologies like AI (artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, 5G, next-generation computing, and many others.

And just like with Bitcoin in its early adaption stage, skeptics will be left behind…

The same way people were skeptical of the internet.

Now… The best part is that you don’t really need to invest directly in NFTs or metaverses… 

Instead, you can invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies that support the metaverses!

I hope you got this investing tip “loud and clear”.

So, to summarize, you’ve got to pay attention to these enormous investment opportunities, and simple ways you can take advantage of it as an investor.

If you have questions OR want to discuss your unique financial situation and your specific financial and investment goals – I want you to have an opportunity to book a complimentary call with me “Never Worry About Money Again” right now!

During this strategy session will clarify your intentions, identify money roadblocks, and strategize how to remove them.

Be well AND stay in your power!

To your Health, Wealth and Freedom.

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About the Author

Millen is a Wealth architect and Financial Independence Coach, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. Being a Possibilities' Catalyst, she uses her intuition, business, and investment expertise to support entrepreneurial women (like you) who want to master their money, live their purpose achieve financial prosperity and freedom. With her physics and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, money management know-how, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching skills, Millen has a unique ability to guide and support clients in achieving extraordinary success in their lives.

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