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Whining or Winning? You HAVE a Choice.

Written By Millen Livis

As you probably know, everything has a cause and effect in our physical world… everything! And you often get stuck if you focus only on the effect….


Just pause for a sec and see if it resonates with you…


I’ve met many women who feel angry, hurt or powerless after a bad relationship, or loss of business, or loss of money.  Although their life circumstances were different, what I noticed was that most of them saw their problems totally outside of themselves, outside of their control so they felt they had no choice….


And here is the tricky part in this. When you see the cause of your problem completely outside of your reach, you feel powerless and discouraged. Taking responsibility for anything that you experience – positive (that one is easy, right? LOL) AND challenging – is the beginning of EMPOWERMENT.
Would you agree?


When you face challenging situation, whether personal, health-related or financial, you have a choice to pretend that there is no problem; wait till the problem goes away/disappears; complain about it and feel sorry for your luck; or take full responsibility (without blaming yourself or feeling that it’s your ‘fault’) and pro-actively seek resolution of the problem.


Look, I am not speaking hypothetically here…. Just like you, I was faced with a few challenges in life (yes, the whole shebang: immigration, divorce, serious health issues, joblessness, loss of money, depression, powerlessness, money anxiety, etc.). There were times in my life when I pretended, hided or felt sorry for myself and my luck….


It didn’t work well for me.


The only thing that worked was taking full responsibility for my situation, taking small steps and making smarter decisions.


Here are some questions I like to ask myself that help get unstuck:


  • “How did I attract this?”
  • “How can I change that?”, or “What can I do about it?”
  • “What are positive learnings from this experience?”
  • “How does it empower me going forward?”


I’ve realized that taking responsibility means having choices. And knowing that I always have choices, helps get unstuck and move forward.

Does it resonate? Let me know!


To your Wealth, Health and Freedom!



P.S. I’ve noticed from speaking to many women during discovery calls that some would benefit from a short, laser coaching that would help get clarity about specific next steps and see choices that sometimes hard to see from where you are because it’s just too close… Soooo, I decided, to offer a private 75 minutes coaching session +15 min follow up call to help you move forward with clarity and confidence.


AND for the FIRST 4 people who apply BEFORE August 1st (the coaching session itself can be scheduled later, of course) I OFFER $200 “I Am Ready!” incentive!!!
You see, I want to see you WINNING, NOT Whining. So, if you are ready and committed to becoming financially powerful and at the moment need a little tweak/accountability/clarity/second opinion/anything else – let me know! Email me or schedule the Money Breakthrough coaching


About the Author

Millen is a Wealth architect and Financial Independence Coach, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. Being a Possibilities' Catalyst, she uses her intuition, business, and investment expertise to support entrepreneurial women (like you) who want to master their money, live their purpose achieve financial prosperity and freedom. With her physics and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, money management know-how, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching skills, Millen has a unique ability to guide and support clients in achieving extraordinary success in their lives.

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