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Your Big Badass Dream Plane & THREE Levers to Upgrade Your Financial Life

Written By Millen Livis

What would it take for you to feel wealthy?

How many millions?

Or maybe just having “more than enough”?

How many homes/yachts/planes?

Or maybe just having more choices?

How many children/husbands/lovers? (OK, this topic is for another
time/place… LOL)

Or maybe just having more free time, working less?

Obviously, being wealthy means different things to different people…

And it’s great to have Audacious BIG Badass Dreams.

And my question to you is: “Are you actually ready to bring your current
finances into harmony with your BIG Badass Dreams?”

Because dreaming BIG is great! However, in order to take this BIG Badass
Dream plane off the ground, you’ve got to get very clear about it (is it REALLY
worth the efforts?), then map your way forward and learn to pilot it, so you
create the momentum.

Because if you don’t… well, let’s stay positive here.

So, what is your “BIG Badass Dream” plane?

What do you REALLY want for yourself and your loved ones?

Can you describe it as if you were living it in the present moment?

What do you do, what do you feel and see, where do you live, who are you

Make time and space for yourself to “normalize” your Big Badass Dream –
make it SO NORMAL that you start embodying this dream!

Then you can get to map your way forward.

How do you map your way forward?

By mapping your money according to your desired level of financial fitness
and using three cash flow levers to accomplish your desired results.

Money Mapping is about discerning what’s REALLY important to you in life
(and this may change as you go through different phases in life) and then
designing your lifestyle so that it supports your values and your BIG dream.

Money Mapping is Budgeting 2.0, because it’s NOT just about counting every
penny you spend on groceries. That’s tedious and unnecessary for most

Money Mapping is about you focusing on your BIG Badass Dream, translating it
into numbers, then reverse-engineering it into the money map so that your
lifestyle and choices are coherent with your goals.

In my programs, I talk about 4 stages of Financial Fitness:
1. Less than enough
2. Just enough
3. More than enough
4. Affluence

YOU DECIDE what financial fitness level is next for you. THAT will determine
your spending patterns, your saving patterns and your investing patterns.

That’s what the money mapping is for.

My clients come to me at different levels of financial fitness spectrum and with
very different ambitions. And they ALL evolve to much higher but different
financial fitness levels. Because they have different definitions of “wealth.”

That’s why I asked you at the beginning “What would it take for you to feel
wealthy?” Your answer will determine your specific money map.

In other words, your answer to this question (which only YOU know the
answer to), will guide your choices and financial decisions.

For example, you may have a BASIC money map (to track your money, you
can use an Excel spreadsheet or an app) that reflects just basic needs
(groceries, rent, utilities) and paying off debt. This may support a simple
lifestyle, living debt-free, in a rural area, and have less pressure…

Then you can create another COMFORTABLE money map that will include
some comfort items like massage, mani & padi, trips, restaurants, private
coaching, etc.

Finally, you can create another AFFLUENT money map that will cover all
your intentions and desires – from millions in the bank, to having a personal
chef, jet-setting to French Riviera, and having vacation homes in resort-like

Having these money maps will help you “land” your BIG BADASS DREAM
plane with concrete numbers that will back it up, support your desired lifestyle.

Finally, the time for the HOW question. What levers do you have to control
your cash flow and upgrade your financial fitness?

I invite you to consider these THREE levers to control your cash flow:
1. Income
2. Budget (pattern of spending)
3. Debt

And here are THREE ways that you can use to improve your cash flow:
1. Identify your current ‘financial leaks” and make necessary adjustments.
2. Brainstorm and uncover additional long-term sources of in-coming cash.
3. Brainstorm and uncover immediate prospects for incoming cash flow.

In summary: You Big Badass Dream can be your reality. Being Financial
Independent is NOT a pipe dream. You’ve got to get your money map in
place, get strategic about your choices and get this plane onto the runway,
ready to take off.

With love, health and wealth

P.S. If you feel sick and tired of being restricted by money, feeling worrying
about your retirement, anxious about investing – let’s connect! Here’s the link
to schedule a complimentary Money Breakthrough session with Millen.
What do you have to lose? Fear, money anxiety, indecisiveness. What you
can gain? Clarity, direction, specific strategies and concrete steps to move

About the Author

Millen is a Wealth architect and Financial Independence Coach, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. Being a Possibilities' Catalyst, she uses her intuition, business, and investment expertise to support entrepreneurial women (like you) who want to master their money, live their purpose achieve financial prosperity and freedom. With her physics and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, money management know-how, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching skills, Millen has a unique ability to guide and support clients in achieving extraordinary success in their lives.

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