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7 Steps to Regain Control Over Your Money: Step #2 – Have Clarity and Purpose for Your Money, Know Your Priorities and Values

CLARITY is priceless whether you consider your authentic career path, your relationships or your money. There are a lot of courses about finding your authentic self – expression and living your

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This ONE Thing Could Literally Change Your Life

So, the 2018 is officially over with all the successes, challenges, breakdowns, breakthroughs, changes, and transformations. It’s a NEW YEAR, a NEW AGE and a NEW PARADIGM! And as I heard from one

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Odd Holiday Message

I believe you’re here because you’re not where you want to be financially in your life. Because there’s a gap between your aspirations and your current financial reality. Yes? And I

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Essential #4 for Creating Wealth and Success

What does “Think, Feel, and LIVE Wealthy” mean to you? You might be surprised…but this is the essential #4 for creating Wealth and Success! Yep. That’s right. And before you whisper “phew, I

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Essential #3 for Creating Wealth and Success

What you appreciate, appreciates. I am pretty sure you’ve heard the phrase “What you appreciate, appreciates” a few time already. However, today I want you to really hear me and TRULY

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Essential #2 for Creating Wealth and Success

  I want to share with you a true story that led me to a decision to include the Essential #2 into my list of principals for Creating Wealth and Success. I own a successful real estate business and

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