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Ways To Destress & Protect Your Emotional Wellbeing


2020 has been an iconic year of transformation, but when the shift happens this dramatically, it impacts peoples lives in a major way.

Some people ride with excitement into the unknown while others fear for their lives. And there is no right or wrong, because how does one properly prepare for “shock?”

Regardless of which unique challenges you’re going through, look below for some tips on how to destress from worry and anxiety, and protect your emotional wellbeing.


They say that during crisis or stressful times, you should reach out to people so that you’re not alone in your troubles.

This depends on who you’re reaching out to. We’ve all encountered toxic individuals, some who are unfortunately our family members.

Confiding in people who don’t have your best interests at heart can backfire, so make sure that the only people you share your personal challenges with are people who lift you up.

If you’re not used to this, you might feel guilty for lying or keeping secrets from certain individuals, (like let’s say “family members”) but I assure you, this is an act of “self protection.”

In fact, you can also look at it as setting boundaries. Not everyone deserves to be in your personal space, and when you’re going through a rough time, the last thing you need is to tell a certain circle of people who are going to kick you when you’re already down.


When you tell the type of people whom you trust about your personal challenges, there’s a major difference in the kind of emotional support you’ll receive.

Energy is real (a topic for a later blog) and you’ll want to draw in good vibrations to lift you out of a funk. You know the ones…

The girlfriend you call to come over and eat tons of chocolates and ice cream with after a bad break up or even a loss of a job.

The ones who make you laugh at yourself about some horrible misfortune that would otherwise leave you to jump off a cliff if they weren’t around.

The friend, relative or companion who accompanies you to your doctors appointment after receiving a horrible diagnosis.

The ones who help you buy groceries, pay down a bill, or treat you to a day at the spa.

Yeah, those people. The ones who don’t belittle you or use your information against you, but instead, nurture you back to sanity as you ride the winds of change, still feeling like a fabulous human being for taking a few knocks like a champ.


Everyone is different. Some people enjoy solitude while others prefer group settings.

Whichever you prefer, find some meditation videos on YouTube playing soothing instrumental music or nature sounds.

Regardless of what you’re going through (even if you’re on a deadline), people tend to make the wrong decisions under pressure.

Thus, my point to you is to take a break and pause. This is where “faith” comes in. It’s important to raise your vibration because what you put out there is what you get back.

When carving out time for meditation, you are allowing yourself to release toxic energy pent up inside from anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, or confusion.

And when you release those toxic thoughts and feelings, you empty out your mind for better thoughts to arise.

The difference of operating on positive energy supports you in making smarter choices, becoming more mentally alert, and clearing out any confusion or doubts that might procrastinate your actions towards moving forward. Depending on the magnitude of your situation, you might benefit from doing more meditation sessions.

It is totally your choice to take as many meditation classes as you want, but each one helps more and more.



The last thing you want to do when you’re feeling stressed out is fall into a clinical depression – and it can happen, easily.

Momentum has a way of snowballing into something larger than it started out as. (That’s why the word monument sounds like momentum).

I’m not suggesting that you bottle your feelings inside, but what I do suggest is that you get up and get out there.

For some, we love yoga. I know I do! Aside from stretching the body which opens up the energy flow, the oxygen flow, and the blood flow, it also enhances my mood because it’s an exercise that doesn’t “push” the body, but rather “inspires” the body to strengthen and detoxify itself.

But for others, they prefer high energy exercises like mountain biking, running, or doing some form of martial arts fighting. Whatever seems more appealing to you, try it.

And don’t ever think you’re being irresponsible for carving out time for a work out when you might have other pressing obligations to tend, because that exercise you’re engaging in, can be the one thing that keeps you from falling off the deep end.

Plus, you never know who you might meet when engaging in some of these activities. The universe has a mysterious way of bringing people into your life that might actually help improve your situation.

Stay open.


When going through hard times, not only do you purge emotionally, but you also purge physically.

It’s a time to throw out items that are no longer serving you. (The key is not to fill it back up with junk).

Getting clear means deleting old photos from your cell phone, unfriending people on facebook and instagram whom no longer resonate with you, cleaning out your closet, and most importantly, cleaning out your bills and paperwork.

Yes, throw out old receipts, candy wrappers, and anything lying around the house that gives your place a messy and dirty vibe.

Don’t you release a sigh of relief whenever you enter a beautiful spa resort on a tropical island? It’s not just the weather that adds to your mood enhancer, but it’s also that zen ambience of cleanliness, aromatherapy scents, and gorgeous lighting.

Your home can reflect that vibe too! Instead of searching for an escape into a different atmosphere, why not create that oasis for yourself?

When you look at the walls of your home, do you like the colors?

Does the floor smell like Lavender soap, or like old dust that hasn’t been swept in weeks?

Do you fear looking for the right outfit when you open up your overstuffed closet?

Or can you pull together the right outfit to walk into that dream job interview, or go on that sexy new date with confidence because your closet is neat and well organized?

Cleaning your place helps with releasing anxiety because it helps you get “clear” with a vision for what you really want and where you’re going.


Money comes and goes, but it doesn’t just go and go and go. It always swings back around, but the key is to be a good receiver and feel worthy of it.

One of the most stressful areas of peoples lives is in fact, finances.

With an uncertain economy, it can be tempting to fall into the belief that you can lose it all – and that sends people into panic mode.

But anything that disappears gets replaced with something else, so you can’t think that if you lost something like your job or your house that it won’t be replaced with something better.

This comes down to being flexible and knowing what you’re able to currently afford in the moment.

The future is not yet here and you can still become wealthy! (Secret: I always feel wealthy, and this is the key to attracting more if it).

When people feel overwhelmed with bills and depts owed, they may shy away from certain invitations because they feel unworthy or broke. And you should never do this.

The way to heal any financial burden is to stay open to life and love.

New job opportunities and financial windfalls come from unexpected sources, but if you’re closed off to the flow of life, you won’t be available to cease them.

Look at what you can afford, and pay down those bills. The last thing you want is to fall further into debt.

The key is to stay high by investing your money; not necessarily spending it. But don’t become a hoarder either by suffocating your funds.

Allow your funds to breathe by giving when and how you can. You’d be surprised at how money circles back around because the universe remembers when you gave.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of freelancing!


All throughout history, we can trace as far back as biblical times to see how religious figures used incense to heal the sick and repel negative spirits.

Jesus was known to have received 4 gifts on the eve of his birth which included frankincense, gold and myrrh.

Native American Indians are known to have used white sage in their traditional ceremonies to purge negative spirits and cleanse the air.

Palo Santo, the same. Regardless of which incense or herb you prefer to use, there is scientific evidence proving that various types of incense neutralize the air by killing off bad bacteria, thus, relieving people from headaches and tensions.

About the Author

Recording Artist turned holistic business woman, Jasmine Clemente, made her mark in the dance music scene with several records sold worldwide, to then metamorphosis into a spiritual self-help Entrepreneur launching hometomysoul, LLC.

Today she is a Yin Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and published Author of “Living In The Light: A Guide To Discovering & Manifesting Your Life Purpose,” available on Amazon.

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