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Looking For a Shortcut to Success? Here Is What I Discovered!

“Perhaps the oldest working  truth of self-discovery is that the only way out is through. That we are returned repeatedly to the same circumstance is not always a sign of avoidance, but can mean our work around a certain issue is not done.” ~ Mark Nepo

Would you like to get a shortcut, a straight line to success and happiness in life?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get such secret remedy and skip all the pain, doubts, struggles and learning curves?

It would be, right?

Unfortunately, there is no such secret remedy. Life is about growth and expansion and most of your growth as a spiritual being occurs when you experience challenges, uncover your true priorities and values, and discover the most important relationship in your life – relationship with your SELF.

I know so many amazingly talented, intelligent and really wonderful people – men and women – who, at some point in their lives, felt lost, confused and experienced what I call a Divine crisis.

It’s an interesting phenomenon when suddenly your heart, body, mind and soul get completely out of sync.

Somehow the harmony that you experienced as a child, when everything felt exciting and possible, fades away and your body, heart, mind and spirit create a cacophony effect that you may experience as a painful struggle, self-judgement, uncertainty, and loss of direction.

I experienced this effect in my own life and witnessed it in people of different age groups from all walks of life. Many of them appeared to be quite successful and had no apparent reason to experience such crisis.

Sadly, when you go through the Divine crisis, it doesn’t really matter that you have people who love and support you, that you are smart and accomplished, that you have so many things to be grateful for.

It feels like some unknown strong forces create havoc in your inner world and all the repressed emotions, self-doubts, judgements, and fears suddenly come together in a perfect storm with you in the middle of it.

For some women I know such experience coincided with (or was triggered by?) a breakdown of important relationships, loss of loved ones, or dealing with cancer. Others experienced such Divine crisis after losing a job, going through financial ruins or feeling stuck in their current career. Yet others didn’t have any apparent triggers, it simply happened…

So what’s underneath of it? Why are you subjected to such experience?

I have come to believe that we are destined to live more authentically – either by erosion of external circumstances or by inner discomfort.

Most of us are so achievement-driven and unconsciously competitive that the illusion of external success and happiness becomes the driving force.

This force ultimately leads us to doing more, having more and not giving enough space for being more. Yes, we chase after things that we believe can ‘complete us’ while missing out on simple miracles that surround us and are part of our everyday life – music, flowers, children’s laugh, sunrises and sunsets…

I am writing this as someone who herself experienced such Divine crisis. My friends and loved ones couldn’t understand fully what was ‘wrong’ with me – I was young, smart, healthy and successful (in modern cultural terms).

Yet inside I felt unease, confusion and guilt. I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing these emotions, why I felt so lost after so many achievements.

My body, heart, mind and spirit were out of harmony and no external forces were able to ‘fix me’ – I needed to go through the motion of unfolding my way to authentic living.

I’ve realized that there is no ‘success formula’ I could apply to shorten this unfolding – I had to learn how to SURRENDER TO MY TRUTH.

I had to allow myself to experience the deeper side of me, to FEEL the sadness, disappointments, losses, and doubts. I had to allow fear of uncertainty to burn itself out and just to stay open to all my experiences.

During this time I, a notorious multi-tasker, had to take time off and get still to heal from inside.

It was a truly humbling experience… It made me more compassionate toward myself and others, more aware of my inner power, and more appreciative of the inherent joy of simple things in life.

If you go through the Divine crisis that resembles anything like I described here, I invite you to allow yourself time and space to go through its motion without rushing, or pushing, or judging. Make time to get still, scan your body and determine where exactly you experience your deeply covered emotions.

Bring these emotions to your awareness. Don’t suppress your feelings, experience them without trying to label, judge or change them.

Finally, when you feel ready, send grace and unconditional love to the area of your body that stores these feelings. Keep going through this self-healing process as long as you need to.

You may be called to go through this experience longer than you’d like to…

It may take a while, it may not happen as rapidly as you would want it to pass.

Don’t get discouraged – you will get to the point where your perspective will shift to a softer, more loving and resilient outlook and you will again experience the inner harmony and joy of living and creating.

The experience of Divine crisis made me realize that our most challenging and painful experiences become our best credentials for helping others.

Yes, I know that my business acumen, investing experience and degrees in physics and business administration are important credentials.

Yet it is my experience of Divine crisis that felt like a deadly roller coaster the first time, made me more compassionate, loving and humble.

It also helped me realize my purpose – helping entrepreneurial women release their inner blocks, manage money effectively and invest strategically so that they too develop their unique pathway to Freedom!

To Your Health Wealth and Freedom!




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About the Author Millen Livis

Millen is a Wealth architect and Financial Independence Coach, entrepreneur, and a bestselling author. Being a Possibilities' Catalyst, she uses her intuition, business, and investment expertise to support entrepreneurial women (like you) who want to master their money, live their purpose achieve financial prosperity and freedom. With her physics and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, money management know-how, mindfulness practices and transformational coaching skills, Millen has a unique ability to guide and support clients in achieving extraordinary success in their lives.


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